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Our webinars are hosted by the top experts in education today. Whether it’s new research-based practices you want to learn about or practical tips you can apply in the classroom tomorrow, we have got something of interest for everyone.

Arizona Center for Afterschool Excellence Conference • Oct. 23, 2021

Visit us at Arizona Center for Afterschool Excellence Conference and let us show you how our engaging, effective, and easy to use digital solutions make them perfect for afterschool programs.

Achieve3000 offers award-winning, ESSER-aligned digital solutions that are designed to increase engagement and accelerate and deepen learning. These powerful, research-based … Read More

The Science of Reading: From a Vision to Outcomes • July 22, 2021

For decades, researchers have been observing instructional practices, gathering data, and analyzing student outcomes to provide insight on best practices and methods for reaching students at all levels. Yet, student academic achievement is below our collective expectations. What can we learn from science to ensure all our students perform at … Read More

2020-21 National Lexile Study Review: Accelerating Literacy Growth in a Pandemic • On-demand

Dr. Malbert Smith, CEO, President, and Cofounder of MetaMetrics joins Achieve3000’s Steve Tardrew, VP, Assessment and Research, and Dr. Greg Gunn, Education Exam Analyst, to discuss this year’s National Lexile Study. They will examine the impact of the pandemic, the power of online learning, and the critical role engagement plays … Read More

Success is a FOCUS on High Leverage Strategies • On-demand

In this session, the last in the series, Ray McNulty will be joined by Dr. Bill Daggett, education visionary, author, and founder of the Successful Practices Network, as they explore the strategies and solutions effective schools, and districts use to position all their students for success. Key takeaways include:

Navigating the ESSER Funding Process: Turning Opportunities into Outcomes • On-demand

Since last year, nearly $190 billion in federal funds have been allocated to K-12 education through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER). Join our experts for an inside look at what ESSER is and how you can use it to support learning growth. You’ll come away with … Read More

Leveraging Student and Community Voice as Content for Curriculum: A Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Discussion • On-demand

Please join us for this series of timely conversations we are producing with our learning partners and other important educational organizations. Kevin Baird, Chairman at the non-profit Center for College and Career Readiness, moderates this next discussion with Oklahoma City Public Schools focused on their Project Voice initiative. Now adopted … Read More

How Do Schools and Districts Become Future Focused? • On-demand

If we are going to educate all learners for the future they will live in, we must be future focused. Do we abandon all our current best practices to try unknown strategies? How do we research whether a new strategy works? In this session Ray McNulty will share the concept … Read More

Use your Funding to Accelerate Literacy Growth and Deepen Learning • On-demand

Since last year, $187.5 billion in Federal stimulus funds have been released to districts to counter the impact of the the pandemic on student learning. This timely webinar will give educators all the information they need to make the most of this unprecedented opportunity.

Attendees will learn:

Achieving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through Education • On-demand

Examining the barriers to after-high school success and the role of parental support, school culture, and external partnerships.

Learning 2025: Preparing Students for Their Future, NOT Our Past • On-demand

Equity, social justice, Social-Emotional Learning, mental health, and a rigorous and relevant instructional program for all students are recent but critical issues that schools today are required to address. Meanwhile, the demands of the past have not gone away. The brick-and-mortar school model of the last century with the bell … Read More

International: Strategies of Engagement for Distance Learning • On-demand

The transition from in-person to distance learning brought resounding changes to the world of education. The need to promote student engagement and ensure equity in instruction is more important than ever. However, the traditional methods of engaging students and providing equitable environments no longer work. Dr. Doug Fisher will share … Read More

Using Data Like a Rock Star: From Zero to Hero • On-demand

Making effective use of student data is critical to driving instruction and improving student outcomes. Educators often have access to multiple sources of student data, but how do they use that data to inform instruction? Join us as Dr. Eric Hibbs, superintendent, Marlboro Public School District in New Jersey, discusses … Read More

Overcoming “Inequality Mindsets” for Better Student Outcomes • On-demand

Award-winning author and veteran educator Dr. Anthony Muhammad will share his approach to ensuring learning equality in every classroom. edWebinar attendees will examine predominant mindsets that can prevent schools from promoting equal academic opportunities and explore strategies for adopting a new mindset that frees educators and students from negative academic … Read More

Moving From a STUDENT to a LEARNER • On-demand

So much of our research in K-12 education is focused on children learning (pedagogy) while there's not much discussion about the difference between the adult learner and the student learner. Just as there are distinct characteristics of student learning, there are similar characteristics of adult learners. In both cases, these … Read More

Building A Culture of Literacy in a Time of Unprecedented Change • On-demand

To build a culture of literacy, schools must have the support of their students’ families and their communities. With our growing reliance on remote and hybrid learning, there is an opportunity to more fully involve the entire community in supporting our children, accelerating literacy growth, and seamlessly adapting to the … Read More

Engaging Students and Ensuring Growth in Remote and Hybrid Learning • On-demand

When schools closed in spring 2020, Caesar Rodney School District and Indian River School District already had online learning solutions in place, facilitating the transition from fully in-person to fully remote instruction.

Join educators from these districts for an informative panel discussion as they share their best practices to promote … Read More

Integrating Social-Emotional Learning in Remote and Hybrid Learning • On-demand

In all academic learning, there is an element of social-emotional learning (SEL). What teachers say, the values expressed, materials and activities chosen, and skills prioritized all make an impact on how students think, see themselves, and interact with others. While social and emotional learning is most familiar as compartmentalized programs … Read More

Utilizing Digital Resources to Improve Student Outcomes • On-demand

How can you accelerate literacy growth and improve student outcomes this year, regardless of how or where your students are learning? Join Patricia Blood, superintendent of Kearny Schools in Kearny, NJ, as she shares her district’s experience with Achieve3000 Literacy before and during school closures and their best practices for … Read More

Leveling the Playing Field for All Students with a Focus on Literacy • On-demand

Literacy is critical key to success and will open a world of opportunities for our children. However, not all children have equal access to the tools that they need to develop strong literacy skills, especially with a large majority of our students learning from home. During this session participants will … Read More

New Research Briefing: The Five Key Elements of Effective Online Teaching and Learning • On-demand

The largest study of effective online teaching and learning has been confidential—until now.

Previously conducted for private online charter schools, these critical findings can now be shared with public school teachers. Kevin E. Baird, Chief Academic Officer for Achieve3000 and Chairman of the non-profit Center for College & Career Readiness, … Read More

Leading in a Virtual World • On-demand

Administrators have entered into unchartered territories with remote learning and with that, unique challenges. If ignored, these challenges can significantly impede the ability to effectively serve the overall needs of the learning environment for both staff and students. More than ever, it is critical to find opportunities to connect with … Read More

Trauma-Informed Skills for Online Learning Acceleration • On-demand

Learn how to incorporate trauma-informed instruction into your remote and distance learning plans to ensure your most vulnerable students stay connected and learning while they are in school and at home. Participants will leave with an understanding of how to address the needs of students experiencing and recovering from trauma … Read More

Creating Curriculum that Empowers Change: 5 Keys to Racially Just Social Studies • On-demand

Deconstructing systemic racial oppression begins with an equitable and inclusive education for every child. While this cannot be accomplished by any one of us, we all have the ability to begin working toward change, one class and one child at a time. Participants will learn:
• How to assess your … Read More

Close Knowledge Gaps and Build Confidence with Achieve3000 Math • On-demand

When your students practice math skills and concepts independently, how can you ensure they experience what neuroscientists term “productive struggle”? Productive struggle in learning builds understanding and hope, makes goals feel attainable, helps effort seem worthwhile, leads to students feeling empowered, and yields results. Destructive struggle, meanwhile, builds frustration, makes … Read More

Making Math Acceleration a Reality – Embracing Productive Struggle with Achieve3000 Math • On-demand

When your students practice math skills and concepts independently, how can you ensure they experience what neuroscientists term “productive struggle”? Productive struggle in learning builds understanding and hope, makes goals feel attainable, helps effort seem worthwhile, leads to students feeling empowered, and yields results. Destructive struggle, meanwhile, builds frustration, makes … Read More

Engagement by Design: Creating a Virtual Learning Environment Where Students Thrive • On-demand

Every teacher wants engaged students. No student wants to be bored. So why isn’t every learning environment teeming with discussion and activity centered on the day’s learning expectations?

In this edWebinar, Doug Fisher will discuss a framework for making daily improvements in engaging your students, highlighting opportunities that offer the … Read More

Beyond Content: Taking a Culturally Responsive Approach to Online Learning • On-demand

Join us we journey from the idea of “Culturally Responsive” as a “good idea and nice to have” to considering how engaging in research-based approaches drive deeper thinking and accelerated learning.

Equity begins with access. Considering background knowledge, interest, and culture is only part of a Culturally Responsive Approach. During … Read More

Teaching Hope and Resilience for Students Experiencing Trauma • On-demand

Huge numbers of our students are caught in storms of trauma—whether stemming from abuse, homelessness, poverty, discrimination, violent neighborhoods, or fears of school shootings or family deportations. This edWebinar focuses on actions that educators can implement to facilitate learning for these students. Identifying positive, connected teacher-student relationships as foundational, Dr. … Read More

Unstoppable Literacy Acceleration: Engagement, Effectiveness, and Equity for Diverse Learners • On-demand

Literacy and ensuring equity for all is everyone’s responsibility as language gaps lead to literacy gaps. Students who are culturally and linguistically diverse often enter school as English Learners. Language proficiency in the home language and lack of readiness for learning to read in English may hinder their ability to … Read More

Trauma-Skilled Literacy: What’s the Connection? • On-demand

Dr. Sandy Addis, Director of the National Dropout Prevention Center, will share the latest research on the critical link between building capacity as a Trauma-Skilled School and building literacy capacity for all students. Participants will gain an understanding of trauma as a root cause of student challenges and how to … Read More

Integrating SEL into Everyday Instruction • On-demand

Academic learning may be the explicit focus of schooling, but what teachers say, the values we express, the materials and activities we choose, and the skills we prioritize all influence how our students think, see themselves, interact with content and with others, and assert themselves in the world. While social … Read More

Improving Literacy Growth for ELLs and Dual Language Learners Using Shared Reading • On-demand

Shared reading is an opportunity to support your language learners with all they need to become proficient readers. Research shows that students who are learning a new language need content and language instruction to be integrated and meaningful.

During this edWebinar, you’ll explore the ways you can support phonics, vocabulary, … Read More

Teacher Wellness: How Curriculum Can Support Teacher Confidence • On-demand

In this engaging edWebinar, Kevin Baird will refocus the question of curriculum efficacy from one that looks only at student achievement to one that also considers the teacher’s sense of confidence and well-being as a classroom’s instructional leader. Instead of asking simply “How does this help students accelerate learning?”, Kevin … Read More

Rigorous Reading: Building Strength and Stamina • On-demand

Performance on any high-stakes measure of reading — whether it be a state-level summative assessment, a college entrance examination, or instructions for rescuing a computer hard drive — requires both reading strength and reading stamina. For students, these skills don’t just appear suddenly. Rather, they are attributes that have to … Read More

Using Digital Literacy to Build Unstoppable Reading Grit • On-demand

Literacy experts agree that for students to succeed in college and career goals, mastering a 1300 Lexile® level with informational text is nonnegotiable. The question is, can you create unstoppable standards mastery and content fluency when it comes to informational text for all students? Yes, you can, by tapping … Read More

Accelerate Learning for the Unique Needs of Your ELLs! • On-demand

What strengths and challenges do English language learners bring to the classroom? How can educators ensure all students achieve college and career readiness, regardless of their unique needs? In this session, literacy and bilingual education teacher Aida Allen-Rotell examines how differentiated instruction can be implemented in a systematic but flexible … Read More

Leveraging Response to Intervention Schoolwide • On-demand

With an effect size of 1.07 (Hattie, 2012), response to intervention (RTI) is a proven approach for accelerating learning for students not yet making expected progress. But school-wide systems are crucial for implementing RTI effectively, and these systems are different at the elementary and secondary levels.

Watch Nancy Frey, Professor … Read More

Developing Assessment-Capable Learners • On-demand

We all know that collective efficacy is the new number one influence on students’ learning and there is good reason for that. In part, efficacious teachers ensure that their students are assessment-capable, which means that students understand their current level of performance and compare that with the desired level of … Read More