Webinar: Moving From a STUDENT to a LEARNER

Moving From a STUDENT to a LEARNER

Mar. 30, 2021 • Ray McNulty

So much of our research in K-12 education is focused on children learning (pedagogy) while there’s not much discussion about the difference between the adult learner and the student learner. Just as there are distinct characteristics of student learning, there are similar characteristics of adult learners. In both cases, these characteristics impact motivation to learn, among many other factors. So, when is it that you move from being a child learner to an adult learner? Adult learners are self-directed; can a child learner be self-directed? Do children always need to be told what to learn, when to learn, how to learn, and when to turn it in? There are more ways to learn in the world today than there are to teach.
In this session, Ray McNulty will share the differences between pedagogy and andragogy and share strategies to ensure all children become independent lifelong learners.