At Achieve3000, providing exceptional customer support is one of our top priorities because we understand that supporting students’ needs starts by supporting customers’ needs.

Dedicated to Your Success

Dedicated to Your Success

We are committed to building strong customer relationships, and we’ll do everything we can to empower you to use our learning solutions successfully. Key benefits include:

  • As a valued customer, you will receive priority treatment and have dedicated reps
  • Our experienced technical experts will assist you with onboarding and other needs
  • Your data integrations and rostering will be done seamlessly with ongoing support
  • You will have ready access to omnichannel customer support (phone, email, chat)
  • Your satisfaction is our #1 goal; our average Customer Satisfaction Score in 2020 was 9 out of 10

Premium Support for District Partners

Achieve3000’s dedicated Customer Advocacy Team is committed to delivering a successful implementation and supporting your every need. Our growing network of master teachers, administrators, and thought leaders are available to guide you to the best possible outcomes for your teachers and students. Exclusive benefits include:

  • Informational events with national thought leaders about urgent issues for educators today
  • Dedicated account representative who can expedite requests for support
  • In-depth data analysis designed to celebrate successes and target areas for improvement
  • Personalized professional development for every level of your implementation

Premium Support for District Partners
We’re Here If You Need Us

We’re Here If You Need Us

Our customer support team is here to provide you with any help you need, whether that means answering a simple question, helping you deal with more complex technical challenges, or walking you through our latest features and functionality. Our reps are available Mon-Fri 7.30 AM to 9:00 PM EST chat, email, and phone support.

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