Turn Young Learners into
Independent Readers with Smarty Ants

Foundational Literacy Instruction that Kids Love


Smarty Ants builds foundational reading skills in an interactive and adaptive learning environment designed to build a love of reading for students in PreK-2. "Coach", their personal ant guide, leads students through animated lessons and activities while providing encouragement along the way.

Foundational Literacy to Last a Lifetime

Available in English and Spanish, Smarty Ants combines foundational skills instruction, independent practice, and embedded assessment in a single program with robust teacher supports. Students master complex phonics skills as they learn to decode phonemes and words and eventually read stories.

Scope and sequence inclusive of everything from letter identification to fluency!

Multisensory Learning for Every Student

Young children learn about their world through sensory exploration. The same is true for language acquisition, especially for students struggling with dyslexia and other learning challenges. Children love to sing songs, record and listen to their own read aloud practice, and develop fine motor skills as they follow Coach through their personalized reading adventures.

Personalized and Supportive Pathways Develop Confidence and Skills

Students begin their reading journey by taking an adaptive assessment that places students on their own personalized learning path. The pathway begins with explicit instruction and interactive teaching videos that introduce new concepts and sounds before being rewarded with the opportunity to work independently by playing a series of fun learning games. If students need additional support, they are provided with opportunities for guided practice before taking an assessment to evaluate their skill and confidence levels.

Dual and Spanish Language Instruction Right From the Start!

Smarty Ants Español provides young learners with foundational Spanish literacy learning in preschool through first grade. Students from every background enjoy singing songs and playing games while supporting their Spanish literacy growth.

Instructional Insights that Keep Teachers Informed

Teachers can easily monitor students’ progress while in the classroom or teaching remotely via reports that highlight specific skills students have accomplished and those they are still working on. Recommendations indicate how much time students need to "play" every week to reach their goals. Lesson ideas for whole and small group instruction help teachers save valuable lesson planning time and stay connected to their students despite the current challenges of balancing remote and onsite instruction.

From Learning to Read to Reading to Learn

Educators using Smarty Ants get complimentary access to a variety of lessons in Achieve3000 Literacy designed to help young readers who have mastered their foundational and decoding skills transition to improving their reading comprehension. Once students graduate from Smarty Ants, they can easily transition to expanding their vocabulary and acquiring content-area knowledge through their fiction and non-fiction reading assignments in Achieve3000 Literacy.

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Download Free Printable Packets Today!

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Achieve3000 has created mini-printable versions of Smarty Ants lessons for families and educators to enjoy with their students while learning in school or at home. Download your Practice Pages today!

What Our Educators Have to Say

“We’ve had reading programs in the past that eventually fizzled out because the kids lacked interest. With Smarty Ants, they go right to the computer to start working. The other component that I really love is that you can monitor how they use it at home. It’s really helped kids to excel … it progresses as they progress. That’s why they love it and I love it too.”

Olwyn Watson Shore Elementary Magnet School, Hillsborough County, FL- Kindergarten Teacher

“By using Smarty Ants and Achieve3000 Literacy together, we saw an 18 point gain in our FSA scores after the first year! "

Kevin McDonald Shore Elementary Magnet School, Hillsborough County, FL - Assistant Principal