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Empower all teachers to easily differentiate literacy and content-area instruction to help students at every reading level get and stay on track for success after graduation.

See how Miss Harper uses Achieve3000 Literacy™ to help all of her students engage in, accelerate, and find success in learning, including those who are above and below grade-level readers, English learners, and those in need of special education services.


Differentiated instruction is the process of adapting instruction to meet the needs of each individual student. It starts with getting to know your students' interests and abilities. It ends with watching them engage, learn, and grow.

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Accelerated literacy growth occurs when a student's actual growth exceeds what is expected based on their current reading level and the length of time they engage in instruction. It's more important than ever for all students to catch-up.

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Success for every student can be realized with a systematic and flexible approach to measuring growth, forecasting performance, targeting instruction, and creating a culture of literacy that celebrates and supports every student.

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Know Your Students

Embedded and benchmark assessments provide precise information about each student's reading level to know your students' reading abilities right from the start.

Access Content for Everyone

Access grade-level, standards-aligned content available at 12 Lexile levels in English and 8 in Spanish for your English language arts, science, and social studies classes.

Provide Individual Support

Adjust instruction with text-to-speech and speech-to-text tools, vocabulary supports, and automatically adaptive assessments to give every student the support they need.


Expected growth is based on MetaMetrics's proprietary formula which considers the student's reading level and length of time they will be engaged in instruction. Accelerated growth is any growth above a student's expected growth and is shown for students who complete 1-2 lessons per week and those who completed 2 or more.

A wide body of research, including a gold standard study with a rating of Strong from Evidence for ESSA, demonstrates accelerated literacy growth for students across grade levels and abilities.

After 20 years of experience, we know students who spend one hour a week learning with Achieve3000 Literacy™ will attain at least 2X their expected growth. We are so sure of these results, they are guaranteed!

Stay connected to innovations in education through professional learning informed by our Academic Cabinet that includes nine innovative educators, such as Dr. Doug Fisher and Dr. Malbert Smith.


Students, teachers, and leaders can share insights to engage and motivate students with a common understanding of their individualized goals, clear progress monitoring, and opportunities to celebrate their achievements throughout the year.

Engage Students

Create a culture of literacy as students, teachers, leaders, and parents track and celebrate reading growth with the Lexile Framework for Reading and weekly, sponsored contests.

Monitor Progress

Empower a district-wide approach to literacy instruction with powerful and easy-to-read data for leaders and teachers, including usage, performance, and forecasting reports.

Personalize Instruction

Students can explore their interests, identify future goals, track their progress and stay motivated to keep learning with the Career Center and the Student Lexile Tracker.

College and Career Ready Lexile Ranges

Students who attain a reading measure of 1300L by the end of high school are considered to have the proficient reading ability to be successful in life after graduation. College and career readiness reports help track students' growth year after year.

What Our Partners Have to Say

"The biggest success I've seen is the amount of growth across the board, from our most struggling to our most advanced readers, we've seen some kids reaching 150% to 250% growth, which is really incredible!"

Adrianna Ramirez 6th Grade Teacher, Liverpool School District, NY

"I was born in Osaka, Japan and could not read English until I was in the third grade. When I look at all of the other programs, there are many, and compare them to Achieve3000, I see this amazing program that teaches kids to believe in themselves. When they leave me, they know they will continue learning and they got their foundation from Achieve3000."

Linda Wallace ELA Curriculum Specialist, Sweetwater Union School District, CA

At the beginning of the year, my seventh graders were completely unwilling to do anything associated with reading. Now, in May, I can't get them to stop reading articles in Achieve3000--they are completing 3 or 4 a week!"

Candice Watkins Middle School Teacher, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD, TX

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