True Equity Accelerates Literacy Growth Across the Entire Curriculum

Pro is the patented and proven literacy solution designed just for your language arts, social studies, and science classrooms with a mix of student abilities. Available for Grades 2-12!

Deeply Differentiated Instruction

Through deeply differentiated instruction, your Utah Edition of Pro helps all students, including high-achievers and struggling readers, meet Utah’s grade-level standards and provides practice for the SAGE assessments.

  • Grade-appropriate content differentiated at 12 levels in English and 8 in Spanish
  • Strategic curriculum delivered as flexible content modules aligned to the Utah State Learning Standards and Utah’s grade-level standards for science and social studies
  • SAGE Smart courses providing steady, targeted practice for the SAGE, and featuring technology-enhanced items to help them achieve even greater depths of knowledge
  • Ability to customize Pro with courses aligned to popular textbook programs and NWEA™ MAP® Informed Learning Paths

Pro gives all students the ability to engage with standards-aligned instruction by delivering high-interest nonfiction articles at each student’s individual reading level. Automatic monthly adjustments ensure that articles are always scientifically matched to each student’s current reading ability. The Stretch Article-the grade-level or higher version of the text-increases the rigor, giving teachers regular extension opportunities. Throughout each lesson, the 5-Step Literacy Routine helps students build the vocabulary, comprehension, and writing skills needed to succeed on the SAGE.

Truly Blended Learning with Research-Based Instruction

As the leading literacy solution in blended learning programs today, Achieve3000 is committed to providing effective differentiated instruction that maximizes impact for teachers and accelerates students’ growth. 

Achieve3000’s Pro is a flexible, cloud-based solution that’s easy to implement in any blended learning model.

  • The perfect balance of anytime, anywhere independent student work, student collaboration, and teacher-led instruction, with ongoing opportunities to engage in classroom discussion and debate
  • Flexible implementation that works in any blended learning model, including flipped classrooms and rotation models
  • Anytime, anywhere, any-device access-online and offline-to maximize time on task
  • Powerful, blended service model that combines onsite and live online professional development sessions; in-classroom, job-embedded support; and 24/7 in-product access to resources
  • Reduced planning and resource-gathering time with point-of-use teacher resources and on-demand blended professional development options
  • Extended learning beyond the school day with the Home Edition, featuring resources in 23 languages-free for Pro families! 

Monitor Progress and Accelerate Success with Ongoing and Embedded Assessments

With built-in summative and embedded formative assessments, Pro empowers all educators to continually monitor their students’ performance and make data-driven decisions that can accelerate their success.

LevelSet™ is Pro’s built-in Lexile® assessment:

  • Built In LevelSet™ Lexile assessment is the only universal screener for the reading comprehension of nonfiction text in both English and Spanish
  • Developed in partnership with MetaMetrics®, developers of the Lexile Framework for Reading
  • Pre-test that measures students’ initial reading levels and identifies students in need of more intensive instruction
  • Interim and post-tests that provide a summative measure of student growth for the semester or school year

Pro also includes the only embedded formative Lexile assessments that are built right into the instructional routine, enabling progress-monitoring without impacting instructional time. Based on the assessments, the adaptive content system automatically adjusts text complexity to meet students’ evolving needs and continually monitors their progress and measures their mastery of the Utah State Learning Standards. Pro’s assessments give educators an immediate and reliable picture of students’ progress and steadily move students up, level by level.

Actionable Data at Your Fingertips

Data from Pro’s ongoing and embedded assessments fuel a powerful reporting package for teachers and an at-a-glance data dashboard for administrators. 

Real-Time Reports for Teachers:

  • Leverage data to drive instruction
  • Pinpoint skill gaps for further practice or intervention 
  • Track mastery of the Utah State Learning Standards
  • Monitor progress toward college and career readiness goals
  • Forecast students’ readiness for the SAGE
  • Assign lessons to individual students to reteach or reinforce skills

Leadership Edition for School and District Leaders:

  • Access a dashboard fueled by real-time student data
  • View data organized into 21 key metrics, each with a clear action step to support instant intervention
  • Easily monitor the health of the implementation
  • Demonstrate success on a daily basis

18-Year Track Record of Success: Proven Effective for All Learners

As the Leader in Differentiated Instruction® for more than 17 years, Achieve3000 has a proven track record of doubling or even tripling expected reading gains. In fact, a national study of more than 1.2 million students showed that those who used Achieve3000 as little as twice per week had an average growth of 174 Lexile points—more than triple the 72 Lexile points expected with typical instruction! 

In addition, an independent, gold-standard randomized controlled trial study found that:

  • Achieve3000 is significantly more effective at increasing student reading gains than standard English language arts programs
  • Learning gains of students who used Achieve3000 were statistically significant and substantively important based on the What Works Clearinghouse threshold of 0.25
  • Improvement on the GMRT-4 Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, and Total Reading tests

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