Going Beyond: What Does It Really Mean?

When we say we’re Going Beyond for Back to School 2023, it means providing you with powerful, new tools and resources, so you can accomplish more without doing more. It means giving your students more equitable access, greater voice and choice, a wider selection of culturally relevant content, and a clear path to growth and success.

A Literacy Acceleration Solution for Grades 2-12

Achieve3000 Literacy will have a new My Lessons page for students to take greater ownership of their learning, personalized lesson recommendations based on their unique interests, rich new content, and more accessibility support.

Redesigned My Lessons Page for Students

The redesigned student My Lessons page will help students take greater ownership of their own learning. This valuable new page will allow them to view due dates, progress on lessons, scores and grades, details like whether a lesson was teacher-assigned or optional, and more. Available now

New My Recommendations Collection for Students

For the 2023-2024 school year, students’ ratings on lessons will enable the platform to select content for them that will match their preferences and extend their reading journey. These recommended lessons will display on the student home page in a personal lesson tray. Available now

Content to Engage, Excite, and Inspire

The Content Team is working hard to deliver compelling content that will keep students engaged, including:

  • New fiction stories for second and third graders to help them transition to Achieve3000 Literacy
  • New NGSS and TEKS aligned science content for students in grades 6-12
  • New Creating Connections collection for science
  • New Music Video collection
  • New iCivics content series that includes engaging videos
  • Expanded teacher resources to support connections to the science of reading, WIDA, and Universal Design for Learning

Available now

Expanded Career Center

Students can gain a real-world understanding of why literacy is important by visiting the My Future section of the student home page. The Career Center will allow students to complete a research-based, student-friendly career assessment to support them in identifying careers that are based on their personality type and interests. They will also be offered the opportunity to sort on and explore hundreds of potential jobs in deep detail and their related Lexile levels. Then, the Lexile Tracker will help students start to work toward their career goals. Available now

Expanded WordStudio Lessons to Support Foundational Literacy Skills

We’re expanding the popularWordStudio collection to support your elementary students. These engaging, differentiated, lessons build foundational literacy skills for students who need additional instruction. Features include fun videos, guided and extended practice opportunities, and rich educator supports.

Improved Accessibility for Students

We’ve invested significant time and effort in reviewing and improving all aspects of the Achieve3000 Literacy platform to ensure that it is available to all students who require accessibility support.

More Data for Educators

For Back to School 2023, educators will be able to monitor and lead student growth in real-time with expanded tools and data, including:

  • Powerful new controls to customize views and filters so teachers can assess student growth in context of their unique goals
  • New measures of student performance and growth, like College and Career Readiness metrics, personal Lexile goals, and more
  • Alerts and tags to identify potentially invalid student work

Available now

An Adaptive Math and Science Solution for Grades 3-12

ALEKS updates include new customization options, standards alignments, insights into time considerations, and improved reporting to ensure maximum student growth.

Custom Questions

Teachers can create their own questions to include in ALEKS assignments to address precise skills or standards, assign higher DoK or thought questions, and deliver common exams. Questions can be multiple choice, matching, numeric entry, or free response format and are auto-graded and included in the Assignment Report item analysis for at-a-glance performance monitoring.

Individualized Goal Assignments

To address students’ unique learning needs, teachers can now set pacing goal assignments for an individual student or group of students. Goals can be assigned for time in ALEKS, topics learned, or Pie Progress achieved to motivate students to continue moving forward in their personalized path.

Automatic Standards Alignment and Improved Reporting

Educators can ensure that students make progress toward standards proficiency with automatic standards-aligned courses for all 50 states and expanded standards reporting.

  • Available for most ALEKS courses including LV3-5, Middle School Course 1-3, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Integrated Math 1-3.
  • When creating a class, ALEKS will custom-align content to your states’ standards – no content editor or extra steps required.
  • Plus, the Standards report for all courses has been updated with new visuals and views to support standards-based teaching and grading, and the option to include students’ learning data from ALEKS homework, tests, and quizzes.
Activity Time Breakdown Report

The new Activity Time Breakdown report shows teachers overall student time spent in Learning Mode, Knowledge Checks, Assignments, and QuickTables, so they can determine if students’ time in ALEKS aligns with implementation and learning goals. Check the dashboard tile on the home page for a quick look or view the full report for details on each class and student.

A Flexible Curriculum Platform for Grades 3-12

Actively Learn will have exciting, relevant content and new assignment types to help students engage deeply and build key learning skills.

New Text Sets

Explore 60+ new text sets, thematic collections that connect literature to skill instruction and historical and cultural contexts. These compelling, contemporary, nonfiction and literature collections complement texts from the core curriculum.

ELA Student Guides

New student guides offer skill-based instruction in key ELA concepts in a student-friendly voice and provide strategies and rich practice opportunities through a variety of question formats. Plus, educators can access student responses and performance in real-time to lead targeted instruction.

New Writing Practice Assignments

New writing practice assignments help students hone their writing skills by breaking down the parts of each assignment into smaller, more digestible steps. The instruction for these lessons includes a series of questions that help students formulate their responses.

Primary Source and Document-Based Lessons

Searching for student-ready document-based assignments? Teach historical thinking skills and engage students in deep learning with Actively Learn Social Studies’ growing library of 150+ primary source and document-based question lessons.

Expanded Science Content

For Back to School 2023, Actively Learn Science will have:

  • 20+ new PhETS simulations with inquiry-based instruction
  • An expanded focus on diversity and inclusion to help all students see themselves in science careers
  • Engaging, new content across all disciplines

A Foundational Literacy Solution for Grades PreK-2

Smarty Ants will have a new assessment and reporting tools as well as connections to parents to ensure that our youngest learners can accelerate growth right from the start.

New Beginning-of-Year Placement Test

A new placement test gets the school year off to a great start. Students can embark on their personalized learning paths as soon as they complete the test. This assessment will provide an opportunity for students to be measured and placed at the beginning of each school year.

New Dashboard to Strengthen the Home-School Connection

The new Home-School Connection Dashboard includes new resources and videos to support families in building literacy even after school hours.

New Smarty Ants Español Recommendation Engine

Smarty Ants Español teachers will now have recommendations on how much time a student needs to spend in the program each week to reach their assigned goals, as well as an overview of how students are progressing towards those goals.