Summer Success Starts with Achieve3000®

Anytime, anywhere, any-device differentiated instruction that transforms summer learning losses into incredible summer literacy gains.

Proven to Accelerate Literacy Growth

Achieve3000’s Achieve Intensive is a rapid intervention solution for Grades 2-12 that supports up to 10 weeks of effective blended learning. Flexible to fit the length of your summer program, this cloud-based solution provides up to 6 weeks of teacher-led instruction followed by 4 weeks of independent student work. Uniquely designed to engage and motivate all summer school students, only Achieve Intensive is proven to deliver 2 to 6 months of reading level growth in just 5 weeks!

In fact, only Achieve Intensive provides Achieve3000’s powerful combination of deeply differentiated instruction and truly blended learning to empower all students to build literacy skills over the summer and start the school year better prepared for grade-level work.

Engaging ALL Students in Summer Learning

Whether you have students in need of additional practice with foundational literacy skills or are looking for a way to build and reinforce essential reading, vocabulary, comprehension and writing skills over the summer – Achieve Intensive can help. Achieve Intensive reaches all students one-on-one, at their individual reading levels:

  • An initial assessment determines students’ mastery of foundational literacy skills or Lexile® reading level and then places them in the appropriate instructional model for their ability level
  • Highly engaging, cross-disciplinary articles are differentiated at 12 levels in English and 8 in Spanish, with built-in supports for intervention students and English language learners
  • Differentiated foundational literacy instruction is provided via Smarty Ants® for students who need more practice with the key components of reading (such as phonics and fluency)
  • Customizable curriculum supports daily differentiated instruction and independent practice for all students
  • Embedded assessments continually monitor student progress without taking away from instructional time

Supporting Educators at EVERY Step

Achieve Intensive is uniquely designed to put actionable data right at school and district leaders’ fingertips, to maximize teacher effectiveness while minimizing planning time and administrative tasks, and to strengthen the home-school connection! Only Achieve Intensive provides:

  • Point-of-use instructional resources to support daily teacher-directed instruction
  • In-person coaching within your first two weeks of summer school to empower educators
  • Access to powerful real-time reporting tools, including a comprehensive skills report, in the Achieve Intensive Teacher’s Edition
  • Daily and weekly progress reports automatically emailed to ensure students use the program with fidelity
  • Access to a robust Leadership Edition data dashboard with key metrics to monitor the health of your implementation
  • Comprehensive resources and reports to engage families in their child’s summer success

Flexible & Accessible Summer Learning

Achieve Intensive is an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution designed to work in any blended learning model: use as a summer school literacy program, a core summer reading or ELA program, or a course of independent study to accelerate student learning gains throughout school breaks. With deeply differentiated instruction and robust learning scaffolds, Achieve Intensive can also be implemented for summer intervention courses or English language learner classes to prevent student retention and ensure your students start the school year better prepared for grade-level work. Plus, with anywhere, anytime and any-device access, online or offline, Achieve Intensive solution is ideal for on-the-go students, families, and educators!

Achieve3000 also offers flexible and accessible blended professional learning services – with onsite, live online and on-demand options available – to help ensure a successful implementation that extends impact beyond the summer and into the regular school year.

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