Summer School Literacy

When students aren't making enough progress during the conventional school year, they need the extra support additional summer studies offer. Students using Achieve3000 Literacy for grades 2-12 can continue building literacy skills and catching up to grade-level college and career readiness expectations over the summer months.


Rapid Intervention for Struggling Students

Achieve3000 Literacy offers a rapid intervention for struggling students that can fit the length of your summer program, with up to six weeks of teacher-led instruction followed by four weeks of independent student work. Students using our solutions over the summer have attained two to six months of Lexile gains in as little as five weeks.


Customizable Resources for Summer Success

Whether your students need additional practice with foundational literacy skills, or you’re looking for a way to build and reinforce students’ essential reading, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing skills over the summer, Achieve3000 can help. We give teachers access to customizable curriculum supports for daily differentiated instruction. We also provide resources and reports for schools to use in engaging families in their children’s summer success.


Real-Time Reporting Tools, Metrics, and Analyses

Sites implementing Achieve3000 Literacy over the summer gain powerful real-time reporting tools, like daily and weekly progress reports that are automatically emailed to teachers and program leaders. These reports help ensure students are completing lessons with recommended frequency and quality. A comprehensive skills report provides class- and student-level insights based on ongoing embedded assessments. Educators can also target instruction or monitor the health of their implementations through key metrics and analyses in our Teacher and Leadership Editions.