Spanish Literacy

Native Spanish speakers represent four out of five English language learners in U.S. schools. With Achieve3000 Literacy you can help learners in grades 2-12 improve their Spanish language proficiency while building transferable literacy skills and content-area knowledge. Achieve3000 Literacy supports your Spanish immersion, dual language, and bilingual classrooms.


Standards-Aligned Lessons at Spanish Lexile Levels

Achieve3000 Literacy measures each student’s precise Spanish Lexile level with LevelSet. Within the instructional routine, students receive the same state standards-aligned lessons as the rest of their classmates, but each student accesses content at one of up to eight Spanish Lexile levels.


Lexile Gains in as Few as Four Lessons

Every student is different. That’s why we incorporate learning and teaching scaffolds in Spanish into every lesson to address the varying proficiency needs of Spanish-speaking students. Educators and students can see Lexile gains after as few as four lessons.


Building Literacy Skills Across Subject Areas

Because the lessons in Achieve3000 Literacy focus on topics for science and social studies, Spanish-speaking students also build discipline-specific and academic vocabulary across subject areas. Career exploration content and features help students make connections between literacy growth and future success.