Assessment and Reporting

Educators can target their instruction to meet the needs of every student with accurate assessments and reports. Achieve3000 Literacy uses the Lexile Framework® for Reading from MetaMetrics® as its quantitative literacy measure. The Lexile ties together our assessment, data analytics, reporting, and content.


LevelSet Assessment

We developed LevelSet™ with MetaMetrics. Students take LevelSet in English or Spanish to benchmark their individual English or Spanish Lexile measures. LevelSet can be administered as a standalone academic screener but is mainly used during the school year as part of Achieve3000 Literacy.


Embedded Ongoing Assessment

Between LevelSet administrations, Achieve3000 Literacy uses embedded ongoing assessment to drive student literacy acceleration. In each lesson, students complete a short multiple-choice activity, and the results are used to raise a student’s Lexile level when they demonstrate readiness for more complex text. This “just-on-time” re-leveling makes it possible for us to deliver "just-right" content, which keeps students challenged without frustrating them. Students can see their own growth throughout the year with our new Lexile Tracker in the Student Edition, including activities and scores. In the Teacher Edition, real-time data from embedded assessments highlight students’ learning gaps and trends, helping educators target instruction. The Leadership Edition reflects aggregated activity and updated Lexile information, so administrators can monitor implementation progress month to month.


Predictive Analytics to Forecast College and Career Readiness and State Test Performance

We worked with MetaMetrics to determine college and career readiness Lexile bands for grades 1-12, with four Lexile performance ranges (Falls Far Below, Approaches, Meets, Exceeds) in each grade band. These bands and performance ranges inform analysis and reporting on college and career readiness throughout Achieve3000 Literacy. We apply predictive analytics to forecast a student’s likely college and career readiness at a given future date (such as high-stakes test administration). For 24 state tests with which MetaMetrics has conducted linking studies, we’re also able to predict individual student performance on annual state tests. Forecasting enables educators to develop and adjust plans that account for pace and place so each student gets the time on task required to accelerate their literacy gains.


Targets for Quantity and Quality of Use to Maximize Acceleration

So many students take LevelSet each year that Achieve3000 can use huge data sets for our research studies. Even after applying strict usage criteria, our annual National Lexile Study generally employs a sample of more than one million students in grades 2-12. By examining this sample’s usage and performance, Achieve3000 has been able to develop clear targets for quantity and quality of use to maximize acceleration of Lexile gains using Achieve3000 Literacy. Our research shows that no matter their learning profiles (grade level, struggling or advanced reader, English language or Special Education learner), students who complete 80 or more lesson activities with an average of at least 75% correct on their first try can attain up to 3.5X their expected Lexile gains (and sometimes more). These goals of 80+ activities at 75%+ correct make extremely powerful guideposts for monitoring and reporting.


Research-Informed Data Analytics and Reporting Tools

Our Achieve3000 Literacy Teacher and Leadership Editions provide reports that reflect the analyses described here, as well as many more, all designed to support effective instruction and implementations. The Data Center and reports in the Teacher Edition highlight ongoing usage and performance metrics. Reports are organized as answers to key questions, such as, “How are my students performing on activities?” and “How are my students progressing toward our usage goal?” Teachers working with our solutions for intervention and ELL students gain access to an additional reading skills report. In the Leadership Edition, leaders find a dashboard with 22 key metrics plus comparison and trend charts, and customizable analyses for implementation milestones. Administrators also receive progress reports by email at specific milestones throughout the year.