Close Knowledge Gaps and
Build Confidence with
Achieve3000 Math.


Individualized Practice

How do you know that your students’ independent practice time is spent focusing on the areas where they need to improve most? How do you adjust emphasis and pace for individual students while keeping your whole class on track? Using Achieve3000 Math’s benchmark assessments, educators can determine what concepts each and every student is ready to learn.


Comprehensive Scope and Sequence, Aligned to Needs

Achieve3000 Math provides a comprehensive scope of state and CCSS standards-aligned mathematics content, with more than 25,000 items covering K-12 concepts and skills from basic elementary fluency and numeracy to core high school topics. Students can demonstrate mastery in as few as five problems and get more problems when they need it, making practice time more effective than ever.


Targeted Scaffolding and Feedback

As your students work independently, how many wish they could access one-on-one support when they run into something they don’t understand? How quickly and how often are students getting individual feedback for the work they’re doing? In Achieve3000 Math, dynamic, scaffolded math problems move students step-by-step to find solutions, with a purposeful breakdown of the different pieces of knowledge needed. Students get progressive levels of support that increase if they struggle, with easier questions that break down problems, then hints, and finally video lessons.


Measurement and Data

How do you measure student mathematics proficiency today? Once measured, is a mapping of individual students’ skill and knowledge gaps easily aligned to their actual mathematics practice material? With Achieve3000 Math, educators can tailor instruction and monitor growth using benchmark assessments developed with MetaMetrics® to determine students’ individual Quantile® measures. Teachers can manage student skills completion, track performance, and identify gaps with our real-time reporting. Our step-by-step breakdown of problems allows teachers to understand students’ foundational weaknesses, making it easier for teachers to accelerate mastery with targeted pull-outs and instruction. Learn more about Quantiles here.