Accelerate Literacy in the Content Areas

Students of every age and ability build literacy skills, content-area knowledge, and disciplinary vocabulary simultaneously

Accelerate Literacy Gains Like a Pro

Research shows that the more time students spend reading, the better readers they become. But how can you create more time for reading without lengthening the school day? Achieve3000® can help by transforming your social studies and science classrooms. Achieve3000’s Pro solutions (KidBizPro® for grades 2-5, TeenBizPro® for grades 6-8, and EmpowerPro™ for grades 9-12) bring literacy instruction into content-area classrooms to build key reading skills while developing disciplinary knowledge and vocabulary.

These solutions continuously assess student reading levels and automatically differentiate instruction at 12 levels in English and 8 in Spanish, ensuring every student in your class works with the same grade-appropriate content at their own, individual reading level – and empowering all learners to meaningfully engage in whole-class activities and discussions. With a strategic curriculum specifically aligned to your state’s standards for social studies and science, Pro accelerates all learners to college and career literacy with results you can see in as few as four lessons.

Develop Literacy Skills and Content-Area Knowledge Simultaneously

Achieve3000’s Pro works from the second you login with a built-in, customized curriculum aligned to your state’s language arts and content-area standards. (See your state alignment here.) With more than 10,000 lessons in our archives and an easy-to-use search tool, teachers will find rich content to match the topics they’re teaching in science, social studies, and other content areas.

As an added level of customization, Achieve3000 can create a custom curriculum with lessons aligned to your textbook program, scope and sequence, or pacing guides. As students work through these standards-aligned lessons, they develop reading strategies while also building content-area knowledge and academic vocabulary.

Stretching to Meet the Challenges of College and Career

Achieve3000’s five-step routine gives students ample opportunities to practice their reading and comprehension strategies with nonfiction articles that are precisely tailored to each student’s individual Lexile® level. Once students have acquired a base of knowledge by reading the Lexiled article, they progress to the Stretch version, which is written at grade level. This ensures that students get ample practice reading grade-level text, building the stamina and strength they need to read complex informational text and preparing them for the challenges of college and their chosen career.

Encourage Students to Dig Deeper

Each lesson in our strategic curriculum includes two types of readings: an article on contemporary issues and Dig Deeper text with additional background information. This unique combination of grade-specific content helps students interact and compare across multiple sources and focus on citing evidence for their text-based writing – just like they will need to do to succeed on rigorous, high-stakes assessments.

Learn More About Achieve3000

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