English Language Learning

English learners are enrolled in three out of every four public schools in the United States. These learners need to access the same curriculum and instruction as their English language proficient peers so they can meet or exceed grade-level college and career expectations. Achieve3000 supports emerging, developing, and long-term English learners with a diversified instructional solution for tailored, rigorous learning opportunities.

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Differentiated Instruction for Any Model

Achieve3000 Literacy with Boost provides English immersion with up to 12 levels of differentiation, Spanish immersion with up to 8 levels of differentiation, English with Spanish support, and dual language options—all of which can be customized to fit any classroom model and implementation.


Language and Literacy Gains Across the Curriculum

Using our instructional methodology, you can help accelerate language and literacy gains for English language learners while preparing them for success across the curriculum. ELLs who complete lessons with recommended quantity and quality of practice can achieve more than 3X their expected literacy growth. With lessons in grade-appropriate topics for science and social studies, including academic and discipline-specific vocabulary, ELLs in pull-outs or specialized programs won't miss out on standards-based instruction.


How We Support English Learners

Our ELL offering starts with grade-level lessons about a variety of engaging subjects in social studies and science. We then layer on a specialized set of lessons designed to support ELLs in phonics, language development, and fluency. Finally, we offer a comprehensive framework for skills progression instruction, a reading skills report (along with dozens more data analyses in the Teacher and Leadership Editions), flexible implementation options for any type of instructional model, teacher resources in Spanish, and tailored professional learning opportunities.