English Language Arts

Literacy requirements for college and career readiness are on the rise. Are your teachers prepared? With Achieve3000 Literacy, reading and English language arts teachers and students can access differentiated instruction designed to increase reading ability and comprehension. Give every student the tools they need to help move them along their just-right literacy journey.


Every Student a Successful Reader

We believe students of all reading levels and stages of English language proficiency can be successful readers. That’s why we put precisely differentiated informational text in English and Spanish at the center of our literacy routine. Customizable learning and language scaffolds give students frequent opportunities to learn and use academic vocabulary, practice close reading, find and cite evidence, write informally and formally, and demonstrate comprehension. Ongoing embedded assessments help teachers target instruction and monitor progress.


Proven Methods for Powerful Results

Teachers create powerful learning opportunities with Achieve3000 Literacy's proven methodology and resources. Using comprehensive curricular supports and standards-aligned lessons, teachers focus instruction on skills like cause and effect, compare and contrast, contextual analysis, figurative language, listening for main idea and supporting details, making inferences, sequencing, and summarizing.


Flexibility Meets Reliability

Some schools use our solutions to complement their basal reading/ELA texts, like Reading Wonders. Others pair fiction selections with our nonfiction texts to create their own scope and sequence. Teachers can search for and assign relevant lessons, while instructional leaders can develop their own themed collections. Even with this flexibility, you can be confident that every lesson in Achieve3000 Literacy helps students build the vocabulary, comprehension, and writing skills needed to succeed on your high-stakes assessments.


ELA with Actively Learn™: Deeper Thinking and Learning for Grades 6-12

In Actively Learn, the focus is not on reading leveled informational texts, but on engaging deeply with a variety of text types, like long- and short-form fiction, poetry, textbooks, and more. With built-in discussion prompts, scaffolds, and assessments, middle and high school teachers can assign everything from classics like Shakespearean dramas to videos to popular trade fiction. Choose from thousands of interactive online reading activities organized by theme, genre, and type, with instruction designed to activate, support, and reveal student thinking.