Accelerating Literacy Gains for All Learners

Students of every age and ability build close-reading and comprehension skills with engaging nonfiction informational text

Reach All Learners in Core English Language Arts Classes

Across all demographics, students using Achieve3000®’s patented literacy solutions regularly exceeded their expected Lexile® reading growth by an average of 72 points, or more than 2X times the expected reading gains. Achieve3000’s Pro literacy solutions (KidBizPro® for grades 2-5, TeenBizPro® for grades 6-8, and EmpowerPro for grades 9-12) are uniquely designed to meet the needs of classrooms with a diverse mix of student abilities and needs: every student in class reads the same grade-appropriate content differentiated at their individual reading level, empowering all students to fully participate in whole-class instruction and discussions.

With deeply differentiated instruction; an adaptive content system that integrates ongoing assessment, engaging nonfiction content, and robust scaffolds; and linguistic supports for struggling students and English language learners, Pro accelerates learning gains and empowers all students to build critical college and career literacy skills.

Rise to the Challenge of Complex Informational Texts

Here’s how Pro works: Students take an initial placement assessment that pinpoints their individual Lexile reading level. With this data, your state edition of Pro differentiates the same lesson at 12 levels of English and 7 levels of Spanish with classroom-tested scaffolds, like text-to-speech audio, to meet the precise needs of every learner. As students complete lessons, Pro’s proprietary technology monitors their performance and automatically adapts when a student is ready for greater text complexity – a combination that’s proven to accelerate learning.

Teachers are empowered to further accelerate literacy gains by following students’ independent work with direct instruction around the Stretch Article, an unprecedented opportunity for students to interact with a version of the same lesson written at grade-appropriate text complexity. When combined with Achieve3000’s standards-aligned curriculum – which can be customized to align with your reading program, scope and sequence, or pacing guides – this patented and proven methodology also accelerates mastery of state standards, raises performance on high-stakes tests, and prepares all learners for the challenges of college and career.

The Exclusive Achieve3000 Five-Step Literacy Routine

Students need daily practice with text at their independent reading level to develop reading strategies and to provide access to grade-level content. Achieve3000’s exclusive 5-Step Literacy Routine is designed to build the skills for close reading of informational text with the explicit purpose of finding the evidence necessary to respond to a written prompt. Students begin the routine by working with text at their independent reading level. While reading, they identify and incorporate evidence needed for a response to a Thought Question using Achieve3000’s Reading Connections and digital highlighting tool to annotate text. Research shows that when students complete on average two lessons per week, they can expect to more than double their expected Lexile gains, accelerating their readiness for high-stakes assessments.

Achieve3000 ELA Test Challenge Courses: Unmatched Practice for High-Stakes Tests

Achieve3000’s exclusive grade-level Challenge courses with fully integrated technology-enhanced items are built to provide greater depths of knowledge, giving students the critical practice they need for assessment success. Designed to mirror the rigor of your state assessment, Challenge courses include drag-and-drop sequencing, click-to-highlight evidence tasks, multi-part items, and multi-select multiple-choice questions. Challenge lessons also help students build their stamina for reading text with higher word counts, and prepare them to interact with different sources of information like those they will encounter on the state test. With text-based selections as a starting point, Challenge lessons include alternate forms of information, including graphs, charts, timelines, and maps. All ELA Test Challenge courses are aligned to your state standards so teachers and administrators can forecast student readiness as they approach test day – and, they are available 24/7, online or offline, via Achieve3000’s mobile apps!

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