Subject Area Literacy

Students can build their literacy skills and content area knowledge with our lesson collections, extensive content aligned to science and social studies topics, and professional learning that empowers all teachers to share the responsibility for literacy instruction.

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Differentiate Literacy Instruction in English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies Classrooms

Typical curriculum materials may not always accommodate different levels of literacy readiness. Achieve3000 Literacy incorporates differentiated texts covering science, social studies, and English language arts in both English and Spanish. Teachers of academically diverse classes can easily integrate relevant lessons that feature discipline-specific vocabulary and ideas. With our precision differentiation, students of all levels can participate in discussion and debate around science and social studies topics while accelerating their literacy growth to catch up or go beyond grade level.


Subject Area Lesson Collections

Science collections are provided for Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, and Engineering Design. Social studies collections include U.S. Civics and Government, World Geography, U.S. History and Social Sciences, Early and Modern World History, and Eastern and Western World Studies.


Career Exploration and Workforce Readiness Tools

Students can access our Career Center to investigate job opportunities, research current positions in their region, and connect literacy and subject area learning to their own goals. The center is accompanied by 64 lessons about how to prepare for, navigate, and succeed in the workforce.


Core Science Curriculum for Grades 6-8

Make science come alive with eScience3000®, an innovative core science program aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and STEM objectives that gives all students the opportunity to enjoy hands-on, inquiry-based learning activities. Provide equitable core science instruction that ensures students get text differentiated to their individual reading levels, so all students can read critical information and ideas.


Science and Social Studies with Actively Learn™ for Grades 6-12

Actively Learn empowers teachers across subject areas with boundless digital content and strategies to activate, support, and reveal student thinking. Actively Learn’s extensive library includes interactive assignments and content on topics for science, social studies, and English language arts including contemporary and classic literature, textbook units, primary source materials, videos, and news articles. Science and social studies teachers using Actively Learn to facilitate interactive reading experiences report higher engagement and deeper learning for their students.