After-School Reading Programs

Students achieve even more after the bell rings with Achieve After School

After School

After-school programs present unique challenges. You need instructional solutions that enhance reading and writing proficiency. You need assignments and activities that integrate with regular school day instruction. And you need a way to keep students’ energy and attentiveness up during their extended day. Achieve After School is designed to do all this and more.

Achieve After School provides students in grades 2-12 with differentiated online literacy instruction that continues the learning process after the regular school day has ended. As an after-school extension of KidBiz3000®, TeenBiz3000® or Empower3000® — or as a standalone after-school program — Achieve After School reaches every student at his or her Lexile®/reading level. The solution also delivers assignments to an entire group — but tailors them to each student’s individual reading skills.

But Achieve After School goes even farther to meet specific requirements for after-school programs. Differentiated content is thematic, which makes it ideal for after school — whether the program is an extension of Achieve3000 core solutions which focus on current events content, or whether the program is standalone. And the Achieve3000 Literacy Routine is tailored to allow for independent learning so it can be used without certified teachers present — and be even more engaging to encourage reading in after school settings.

With Achieve After School you can:

  • Establish students’ Lexile/reading levels online using the LevelSet™ online assessment tool, and provide differentiated content based on each student’s level
  • Connect the regular classroom to the extended classroom — teachers from both settings can view each student’s work and share reports, so teaching is consistent and collaborative
  • Offer different content and a slightly different experience than other Achieve3000 solutions — content is thematic and includes lighter elements such as puzzles
  • Allow 24/7 access — students can use the powerful reading and writing tools in their regular classroom, at home, in study hall…anywhere
  • Access powerful, easy-to-use reporting with real-time diagnostic and achievement data for teachers and administrators
  • Implement the solution quickly and easily; Achieve3000 specialists take care of all the set-up
  • Have funding flexibility — fund the solution from an after-school budget and also have access to it during regular school hours to supplement language arts curriculum

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