Webinar: Using Digital Literacy to Build Unstoppable Reading Grit

Using Digital Literacy to Build Unstoppable Reading Grit

May 21, 2018 • D. Crimmins

Literacy experts agree that for students to succeed in college and career goals, mastering a 1300 Lexile® level with informational text is nonnegotiable. The question is, can you create unstoppable standards mastery and content fluency when it comes to informational text for all students? Yes, you can, by tapping into students’ grit and building passionate perseverance through adaptive digital literacy scaffolds.

As educators, we have the power to create a classroom culture that values struggle and risk-taking more than just getting the right answer. Technology empowers students to read, discuss, and thrive! We have the power to nurture a growth mindset—the belief that success comes from effort—and not a fixed mindset—the notion that people succeed because they are born with a gift of intelligence or talent. We also have the power to support all students’ academic achievement and fluency regardless of the content area, assessment, or outcome expectation. Students need individualized strategies that allow them to own standards that propel them to the 1300 Lexile level of informational text mastery. All students deserve personal reading and writing strategies that empower them and increase their motivation to learn.

Join us for an interactive session led by Dr. Debi Crimmins, Vice President of Customer Advocacy for Achieve3000, and learn how adaptive digital literacy scaffolds support a growth mindset and the grit needed to accelerate informational text proficiency. This edWebinar is designed for all K-12 educators, librarians, literacy leaders, and administrators.

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