Webinar: Rigorous Reading: Building Strength and Stamina

Rigorous Reading: Building Strength and Stamina

May 2, 2019 • Dr. Douglas Fisher

Performance on any high-stakes measure of reading — whether it be a state-level summative assessment, a college entrance examination, or instructions for rescuing a computer hard drive — requires both reading strength and reading stamina. For students, these skills don’t just appear suddenly. Rather, they are attributes that have to be built and reinforced over time. In this live, interactive session, Dr. Douglas Fisher will lead an exploration of the types of learning that ensure students become better readers who persevere through complex (strength) or long (stamina) texts while thinking critically about what the author is saying. There will be a Q&A period after the presentation. All PreK-12+ educators and administrators interested in improving student literacy outcomes are invited to attend this engaging webinar.