A challenge is something that tests a person’s abilities. For most of us 2020 was a year of challenges. All of us have grown and changed over the past 12 months. How did 2020 change you? Your students? This year made me a better person. I was constantly pushed to be flexible and smile despite my circumstances. I didn’t get through everyday gracefully, but I tried. We all tried, and our new strength prepares us for whatever 2021 brings.

Looking Back

Although I gained wisdom in 2020, I am certainly glad it is part of my past. Dealing with constant changes while around my family who we were with me 24/7 was tough. There were times when I struggled and had to work to maintain a positive attitude. Every circumstance in our life can provide wisdom if we look for it. It is important to learn from the past and move forward.

Create a resolution that considers something you learned from the past.

I am going to be more mindful of others in all that I do. It took the experiences of this past year to make me realize I need to grow in my awareness of those in my life, as well as people I have never met. Kindness will guide my actions.

What resolutions come from your 2020 experiences? How might you help students to consider this past year as they create goals for the coming year?

Together We Can

I survived this year because of the support of my family, friends, and co-workers. There were times this past summer when I felt I had very little to give and had MUCH to do. Can you relate? In those times it was knowing I had family to call, friends who checked-in on me, and a support system at work that allowed me to push through and attain great things.

Create a resolution that addresses what you can do for people.

I am going to reach out to people in my life weekly and offer to DO. Whether it is walking someone’s dog, ordering food for a friend, or a taking time to talk over the phone, I can DO. It is my goal to be an active supporter of people this year. Together we can.

What is your people resolution? Your students benefit from their school support-system, how can they be a part of giving?

Looking Forward

I was very distracted by all that surrounded me this past year; the news, my kids, my online experiences. When I had free-time I needed to use it to focus on things most important to me, which lead me to prioritize what I want in my life. What do you value? You are working a lot, but are you accomplishing your goals and dreams?

Create a resolution that focuses on your dreams.

I want to write blogs that help people. This means less Netflix, less mindless internet browsing, and more purpose-driven free-time.

What can you do to make your dreams a reality? Focus on your dream and write down a plan. I encourage you to share your ideas with students as they reflect as well. Make the beginning of 2021 a time to plan to succeed.

Impacting Students

You are a person who has a deeper purpose outside of yourself. You are an entire system support for many students. You change lives.

Reflect on what you have accomplished in the last 12 months.

How can you share what you have learned to impact your students lives? What do they need to hear from you as they think about their resolutions? Now is the perfect time to reflect, adjust, and continue to grow as you help your students in their growth as well.

Let’s all make an impact in 2021.

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