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Establish and Track Milestones Through Data Analysis

Maximize your implementation by setting goals and tracking growth with our powerful predictive analytics, real-time metrics, and milestone summary reports.


Educators need to know what it will take for students to achieve the necessary growth in a single instructional year. With our proprietary forecasting tool and an expanded partnership with MetaMetrics®, Achieve3000 can provide educators with even more powerful predictive analytics that calculate required learning gains for student success on scheduled state high-stakes assessments and to meet college and career readiness targets. Knowing the necessary Lexile gains for individual students, educators can create customized success plans to ensure adequate time on task for accelerated growth, month to month. Log in to access the forecasting tool.
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Leadership Edition

Based on your feedback, we’re making a wide range of improvements to the Leadership Edition for 2018-2019, including:

  • Filters for activity score and activities per week so you can isolate student populations and performance related to usage
  • Nested grouping options for the comparison chart so you can see classes grouped by teacher or grades grouped by school
  • More across-school and across-district sharing capabilities
  • Ready-made bookmarks to view the information that is most critical at key milestones throughout the school year
  • Downloadable slides, documents, or images that are ready-made from on-screen information

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Executive Summary Report

We deliver semi-annual usage and performance Executive Summary Reports (ESRs) that incorporate multiple data analyses and breakdowns at both year-to-date (January) and end-of-year (May/June). Detailed ESRs are accompanied by a visually engaging infographic that displays high-level data and can be used for discussion and sharing within your community.

Principal Impact Academy

Our new academies offer principals and other school administrators a chance to collaborate with school-level administrators from your region and the Achieve3000 advocacy team to discuss, problem-solve, and impact student literacy across the content areas. You will learn how to:

  • develop effective instructional modeling and feedback to support your teachers in literacy-building in their classrooms, including strategies from Dr. Doug Fisher
  • understand key metrics that impact data points in Achieve3000 principal reports
  • use the Achieve3000 forecasting tool to identify students’ literacy gaps and help teachers strategize an instructional action plan to address areas of struggle while also celebrating successes
  • learn how to monitor usage that assures implementation fidelity and promotes student success
  • maximize teacher instructional support via the Achieve3000 Leadership Edition

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Seamless Implementations Through Data Integrations

To help schools and districts connect across their initiatives and take learning to the next level, we are constantly striving to create the most seamless user experience for our customers and listening to your input about integrations that best meet your needs. Achieve3000 has a commitment to interoperability with our customers and is an affiliate member of the IMS Global Learning Consortium. We are excited to be launching an early adopter program for automated rostering with OneRoster® for the 2018-2019 school year. We continue to develop our capabilities for shared sign-on and rostering processes with your key partners. We have sign-on integration with Microsoft®, Clever®, and Schoology® already in place and more to come. Additionally, to make your launch easier, we will be distributing individual teacher and administrator login credentials directly this year, eliminating the need for administrators to retrieve and distribute teacher login information. 

Contact our data solutions team at rostering@achieve3000.com to learn more.

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