Priorities to Bridge the Gap

September 22, 2015 2:00 PM ET K. Baird


The first 9 weeks of school are the most critical for the establishment of routines which accelerate student learning. Students who do not show acceleration in first months of school are unlikely to catch up by year end. What are the priorities for classrooms if our goal is acceleration of reading skills so students are at level by the Spring? Kevin Baird, Chairman at the non-profit Center for College & Career Readiness, presents the latest and leading research on critical routines for back-to-school which lead to accelerated reading skills by spring. He helps us understand how best to use Achieve3000 tools to support those routines and catch kids up. Participants come away with new, specific procedures for using Achieve3000 and for structuring literacy classrooms to support faster development of language and reading comprehension. .



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