Data-Driven Differentiation with Achieve3000 and NWEA MAP

Achieve3000’s NWEA MAP Informed Learning Paths combine the power of Lexile levels and RIT scores to deepen instruction and target key skills and concepts, all at a student’s precise reading level.

Put Your NWEA MAP Data into Action

Achieve3000® has joined forces with Northwest Evaluation Association™ (NWEA) to provide educators with the valuable combination of a proven assessment tool and patented, online differentiated instruction that improves student performance and saves valuable teacher planning time. With Achieve3000’s MAP Informed Learning Paths, educators can activate their MAP® data to quickly and easily create a differentiated and personalized learning experience for every student.* Integrating MAP data with Achieve3000 instruction is fast and easy! 

*Fee of $600 per school applies. Due to the variety of legacy MAP assessments in place, please confirm that your district’s MAP assessment is supported before purchasing.

Deepen Differentiation with MAP Informed Learning Paths

Achieve3000 is the only solution that allows educators to combine the power of using both Lexile® levels and RIT scores together to deepen differentiated instruction by targeting skills and concepts at a student’s precise reading level. Teachers can create personalized or small-group MAP Informed Learning Paths using Achieve3000 lessons with the click of a mouse, saving planning time and providing targeted skills-based instruction.  

Exclusive RIT-Based Achieve3000 Instructional Recommendations

Teaching the same skill or concept to students across different RIT bands takes planning time and personalization. Only Achieve3000 provides exclusive MAP Instructional Recommendations that help teachers differentiate the instruction of each skill and concept across RIT bands. By providing lessons plans and supporting resources for each skill and concept in each RIT band, Achieve3000 makes MAP data actionable for teacher-led instruction while saving teachers planning time.

Accelerate Gains by Differentiating Using Skills Progression

How do you track student progress between interim assessments? By using the exclusive Achieve3000 and NWEA Skills Progression, teachers can propel student performance across RIT bands. The Achieve3000 MAP Informed Learning Paths help teachers pinpoint the skills and concepts students need to develop within their current RIT band and identify the skill to introduce at the next RIT band. By connecting lessons, Instructional Recommendations, and Skills Progression, making MAP data actionable has never been easier or more impactful.