Flexible & Accessible Summer Learning

Maximize the impact of your summer school program with Achieve Intensive: the flexible, cloud-based literacy solution that works in any blended learning model – and empowers students to work anywhere, anytime, and on any device for even more time on task and even greater learning gains!

  • Provides the perfect balance of independent student work and teacher-led direct instruction
  • Empowers students to build and practice literacy skills 24/7 – online and offline – with mobile apps for iPad®, Android™, and Chrome™
  • Reduces planning time for busy teachers with point-of-use instructional resources, including complete lesson plans and scaffolding guides
  • Engages parents and families with free Home Edition access, with resources in 23 languages and reports on their child’s progress

Achieve Intensive also offers flexible and accessible blended professional learning services – with in-person coaching within your first two weeks of summer plus, live online, and on-demand options available – to help empower educators and ensure a successful implementation that extends impact beyond the summer and into the regular school year.

Engaging All Students in Summer Learning

Whether you have students in need of additional practice with foundational literacy skills or are looking for a way to improve students’ reading, vocabulary, comprehension and writing skills over the summer, Achieve Intensive can help accelerate literary growth and ensure all students start the school year better prepared for grade-level work!

  • Supports up to 10 weeks of effective blended learning: 6 weeks of teacher-led instruction followed by 4 weeks of independent student work.
  • Customizable curriculum for daily differentiated instruction and independent practice for students
  • Highly engaging, cross-disciplinary articles differentiated at 12 levels in English and 8 in Spanish, with built-in supports for struggling readers and English language learners
  • Lessons place particular emphasis on the acquisition of academic vocabulary and cross-disciplinary terms

Measure and Monitor Summer Learning

Summer is short and every minute counts in a summer school program, so most educators don’t have time to administer complicated assessments. Achieve Intensive solves this problem with easy-to-use, built-in assessments. Achieve Intensive is the only summer school solution that includes the LevelSet™ assessment: 

  • Determines students’ mastery of foundational literacy skills or Lexile®reading level and then places them in the appropriate instructional model for their ability level
  • Only universal screener for the reading comprehension of nonfiction text in both English and Spanish
  • Developed in partnership with MetaMetrics®, developers of the Lexile® Framework for Reading
  • Semi-adaptive pre-test measures students’ initial reading levels in as little as 15 minutes
  • Optional post-test available for a summative measurement of student reading gains
  • As students complete lessons with Achieve Intensive, embedded assessments continually monitor their activities:
  • Only formative Lexile assessments that are built right into the instructional routine
  • Monitor performance and engagement without taking away from instructional time
  • Track students’ mastery of language arts, social studies, and science standards

Real-Time Summer Learning Data

Best practices encourage summer school programs to have ongoing evaluations of their effectiveness. With Achieve Intensive, educators have instant access to key performance and usage data that empowers them to measure effectiveness and demonstrate success on a daily basis.

For teachers, powerful real-time reporting tools in the Achieve Intensive Teacher’s Edition make it easy to use data to drive instruction:

  • Identify students who may need extra support or scaffolding
  • Pinpoint specific skill gaps for further practice or remediation
  • Assign lessons to individual students to reteach or reinforce skills
  • Track program usage to ensure all students are engaged in summer learning

For school and district administrators, Leadership Edition is an at-a-glance data dashboard fueled by real-time data:

  • Quickly review 21 key performance metrics
  • Easily filter data to make comparisons or spot trends
  • Identify clear action steps to support student success
  • Actively monitor the health of your implementation

Proven to Accelerate Summer Learning

Achieve Intensive is the only literacy solution that leverages Achieve3000®’s patented methodology to accelerate learning for all summer school students. During summer 2016, a large urban school district implemented Achieve3000 for students in grades 3, 6 and 8. This summer program specifically targeted students who performed in the bottom quarter on the state’s summative assessment – below grade-level learners who were especially at risk for summer reading loss. At all grade levels for the district, students in this summer program on average showed increases in their Lexile scores! 

Students made gains over the five-week summer program that were the equivalent of approximately: 

  • one-quarter of a school year for third-graders 
  • one-half of a school year for sixth-graders 
  • two-thirds of a school year for eighth-graders

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