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From the leader in online differentiated instruction, comes the innovative core science program that is making science come alive for middle school learners

eScience3000® is an engaging, experiential, differentiated program that changes the game when it comes to science instruction. By making science accessible to all learners, eScience3000 is designed to help meet STEM objectives to move U.S. students from the middle to the top in science achievement over the next decade. eScience3000 is also designed to fulfill all district requirements for core science programs that meet 21st-century educational needs:

  • Easily customized curricula that meet each state's science scope and sequence, and addresses the practices, concepts, and core ideas outlined in A Framework for K-12 Science Education, in preparation for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).
  • Differentiated instruction yields successful learning outcomes for every student at every mastery level
  • Provides student-oriented and experiential learning opportunities that engage students and gives them the skills they need for success in science
  • Provides summative and formative assessments to measure students' outcomes and to help students practice for required state and national science assessment tests
  • Advances scientific inquiry in the classroom by transitioning students from direct inquiry to open inquiry, and increases students' readiness to engage in increasingly complex scientific reasoning
  • Provides instructional strategies that support inquiry-based learning
  • Integrates literacy in the science classroom
  • Provides support for science educators at all levels
Connecting Every Student to Science

eScience is the first Web-based program aligned to state and national standards that focuses on core science acquisition while seamlessly reinforcing key literacy needs, including reading comprehension, relevant vocabulary and writing skills.

By providing content and lessons differentiated based on students' specific reading levels, eScience3000 makes science accessible to all learners. By utilizing high-quality and highly engaging content, including videos and photos, eScience3000 connects deeply and viscerally with students. The result: a differentiated, online science curriculum of extraordinary impact and effectiveness.

A New Way to Teach and Learn Science

Meeting the imperative for renewed scientific and technological leadership requires a new approach. Science instruction must reach all learners in order to achieve successful outcomes for every learner at every mastery level. It must provide experiential, student-centered learning opportunities that engage and motivate students, and turn science into a passionate pursuit. And, it must support science educators at all levels, so that teachers and students can succeed together in the classroom and on state and national assessments.

eScience3000 is designed to do all that and more. Here's how the program works:

  • Students take an initial Lexile/reading placement test to assess their ability to read and comprehend informational texts — and then gain access to a rich array of differentiated science lessons and enrichment activities, precisely matched to their reading level
  • Each student receives assignments and vocabulary automatically tailored to his or her reading level while maintaining key concepts and vocabulary. Spanish language support also is available
  • State standards-based activities utilize the 5E Instructional Model and a proven 5 step process — Think > Read > Investigate > Review > Apply — that provides clear and compelling paths to applicable knowledge
  • Science educators at all levels get extensive support to plan lessons online, monitor student progress and make data-driven decisions. Workshops for teachers and administrators are part of available professional development

Through differentiation, quality content and extensive support, students and teachers get something that they and this country need - success in science.

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Literacy: The Key to Success in Science
Literacy: The Key to Success in Science

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