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Using Lexiles to Differentiate Instruction

Meeting students one-on-one at their individual levels to achieve higher and higher levels of reading and writing proficiency.

One of the most effective ways to increase reading levels and prepare students for college and career is to meet students one-on-one at their individual levels. Achieve3000® uses Lexiles to differentiate instruction in order to move students to higher and higher levels of reading and writing proficiency:

  • Achieve3000 solutions start by administering the LevelSet™ assessment, which provides a scientific means of matching students to non-fiction texts. The results of this assessment are applied immediately to each student's academic profile so they can receive non-fiction articles, activities and assessments precisely matched to their individual reading levels
  • To enable students to progress to more and more complex text, Achieve automatically adjusts Lexile levels based on their performance on daily formative assessments in its Five-Step Literacy Routine. As a student demonstrates reading comprehension progress, the rigor of the text increases
  • Administrators and educators are continually informed of student progress, ensuring they have the information they need to intervene appropriately and effectively

Differentiating instruction for every student

Students learn better when content is differentiated based on their individual needs. But time constraints, class size and workload often prevent teachers from moving away from the "one size fits all" approach. Achieve changes all of that.

  • Importantly, every student in the class reads about the same topic and covers the same key concepts, but the non-fiction content is differentiated according to each student's precise reading level and instructional needs

  • Students who need additional scaffolding beyond the core supports in Achieve's solutions can take advantage of specially tailored solutions designed to support English language learners, struggling readers, students with special abilities, as well as advanced students


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National Lexile Study
National Lexile Study

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