Literacy Solutions

Grade-Specific, Multi-Source Anchor Lessons

Achieve believes that students today need to become accomplished providers of evidence for their opinions.

In addition to the daily 5-Step Literacy Routine, Achieve3000® solutions feature another essential innovation, bonus Anchor Lessons. These lessons feature grade-specific content that addresses the progression of skills of the Common Core anchors

This extra material is provided for schools to use in addition to the two Lexile®-leveled activities we recommend per week. Through Anchor Lessons, students interact with multiple texts or multiple sources of media. The lessons, which utilize a routine similar to the 5-Step Literacy Routine, allow students to focus on expressing opinions based on prior knowledge, explaining the evidence they have for their existing opinions as well as interacting with multiple sources to derive information while practicing close reading of text for items that replicate PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments. Students also re-express their opinions, taking into consideration, and providing evidence based on the new information they have learned.

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National Lexile Study
National Lexile Study

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