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Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Middle school students believe and achieve more with TeenBiz.

At Achieve3000®, we believe middle school is a pivotal time for students to catch up if they have fallen behind in literacy proficiency — and to sprint ahead so they can meet the challenges of high school, college and the workforce. We also believe that withTeenBiz3000®, they have the proven literacy accelerant they need.

TeenBiz® is a differentiated online literacy solution for grades 6-8 that reaches every student at his or her individualized Lexile®/reading level. Importantly, TeenBiz closely aligns with the objectives of the Common Core State Standards to give students the content area literacy skills they need to succeed on the standards and prepare for college and career.

Powered Achieve3000's LevelSet™ Lexile assessment tool and proprietary software engine that distributes assignments to the entire class, but tailors them according to each student's reading level. By doing so,TeenBiz enables all students to make continual progress and improvement.



Most important of all, TeenBiz is scientifically proven to accelerate reading comprehension, fluency, writing proficiency, vocabulary development and high-stakes test scores. In fact, national studies show that TeenBiz enables students to double-to-triple expected reading gains in just 40 sessions.


TeenBiz is the only differentiated online literacy solution that:
  • Encompasses the entire classroom — providing the same topics and lessons to all students while teaching students one-on-one at their individual levels
  • Delivers differentiated assignments at 12 different reading levels, along with formative assessments linked to state and Common Core standards

  • Uses a Five-Step Literacy Routine that enables students to acquire knowledge from informational texts, develop strong content knowledge, use higher order thinking skills, argue effectively with supporting evidence, and communicate effectively when writing and speaking — all key Common Core requirements

  • Also provides bonus Anchor Lessons featuring grade-specific content that addresses the progression of skills of the Common Core anchors

  • Continually assesses students' reading levels and provides results immediately so teachers can address weaknesses and gaps, and further build on strengths

  • Automatically adapts content as Lexile levels change, providing more challenging content in order to drive steady improvement

  • Engages students with interactive, motivating current-events articles and assignments — and extends learning beyond the classroom (70% of students use foutside of normal school hours)

  • Includes powerful, easy-to-use reporting with real-time diagnostic and achievement data for teachers and administrators

  • Comes with MetaMetrics Find-a-Book tool - an online tool that lets teachers, students and parents enter Lexile measures, select students' interests, and find just the right books at just the right reading/text complexity level


Are your students on track to succeed in state assessments? In college and career? Find out with these powerful Achieve3000 reporting tools

Achieve3000 provides two other breakthrough tools - the College/Career Readiness Report and the High-Stakes Test Forecast Report.

  • The College/Career Readiness Report is the only report that reliably forecasts students' ability to read and comprehend complex text — and thus their readiness for college and career based on current Lexile and Common Core quantitative guidelines.

  • The High-Stakes Test Forecast Report reliably forecasts student preparedness for high-stakes tests, customized based on individual state standards and tests.

Through these reports, which are part of Achieve's extensive reporting tool set, educators can identify students in need of further intervention on a student-by-student, class-by-class, or even school-by-school basis.


Get parents involved, too

With Achieve's Home Edition, parents and guardians can reinforce student literacy skills and follow their child's progress at home. Through the Parent Hotline, caregivers can access the daily article topic along with guided questions to discuss with their children. Parents and guardians also can access the Achieve3000 Learning Center online, which provides much of the same information, along with article summaries and on-demand parent tutorials to show families how to work together to increase student achievement.


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What We Believe
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National Lexile Study

Discover how Achieve solutions are proven to deliver double-to-triple Lexile gains.

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