Master Foundational Literacy with Smarty Ants

Accelerate your PreK-2 students towards mastery of foundational reading skills with Smarty Ants®

Differentiating the First Steps to Literacy Success

The first step towards college and career literacy is foundational reading skills. With Smarty Ants, you can ensure every student in grades PreK-2 is on track for success from day one. Smarty Ants is an effective, research-driven solution that differentiates instruction in foundational reading skills and accelerates student achievement – all in an engaging, interactive, online learning environment. The program continuously evaluates each student’s exact skill level, learning temperament, and learning pace. Based on this information, the adaptive content system automatically delivers the right level of skill instruction and practice to keep learners in the zone of proximal development. No two students will approach the content or process in the same manner, but they all will reach the same critical milestones for primary-grade literacy success and emerge as confident, capable readers ready for the challenges of second grade and beyond. A teacher’s dashboard makes it easy for teachers to track and monitor student movement through lessons and growth toward fluency and comprehension.

Achieving True Mastery of Reading Skills

Students learn more than surface-level phonemic awareness and phonics – they dive deep and master these foundational reading skills through Smarty Ant’s complete scope and sequence. From letter identification and the alphabetic principle to structural analysis and comprehension skills, Smarty Ants transforms emergent readers into independent readers.

  • Foundational skills instruction, independent practice, and embedded assessment are combined in a single program
  • Students master progressively more complex phonics skills as they learn to decode and encode phonemes, words, and stories
  • Through skill-building games and activities, students learn approximately 1,500 vocabulary words, plus essential sight words
  • A personal ant “coach” gives every student explicit instruction and kind feedback

Using Actionable Data to Achieve Better Results

Smarty Ants includes a detailed and complete dashboard stocked with real-time student data. Teachers, principals, and district leaders can easily access student responses and recordings, comprehensive progress reports, information about areas that require intervention, and ample resources to reteach or reinforce skills. Reports are available at the group level for quick overviews of student achievement, or educators can zoom in at the individual level to pinpoint specific opportunities for improvement or enrichment.

  • Easy tracking toward yearly and weekly requirements
  • Progress monitoring for acquisition of key literacy skills for a given level
  • At-point-of-use access to student recordings to assess fluency improvement over the course of the year
  • Reporting on mastery of State or Common Core State Standards

Motivating Early Readers to Accelerate Success

With thousands of rewards to unlock, dozens of mini-games to play, challenges tailored to player’s behavior, and a unique, customizable avatar for every child, it’s easy to keep students motivated! Plus, students can play Smarty Ants at school or at home, on desktops or on mobile devices. Since their progress is saved to the cloud, they can always pick up exactly where they left off!

  • Over 2,500 virtual awards for students to collect

  • Ant of the Week Awards for accomplishments such as most time spent, most words built, and more

  • Students can pick their own reward activities – from game shows to dance studios

  • Every success is celebrated in the Daily Woof Newspaper, emailed to parents and guardians

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