Fifth Grader Peterson Panameno Achieved The No. 1 Spot Worldwide In The Achieve3000 Program

Nov 17, 2021

Students across the globe have joined the Achieve3000 program, which aids in the acceleration of students’ learning growth by offering a wide range of subjects and lessons. Last week, fifth-grade Brandenburg Elementary student Peterson Panameno achieved the No. 1 spot worldwide with a weekly score of 1,601 due to the amount of articles he’s read and lessons completed. Referred to as a self-starter by his teachers, Panameno has a determination to succeed. 

“Peterson has gone way beyond the call of duty,” says Rhonda Phillips, Irving ISD digital learning coach. “He has been the highest person in the school, district, state and now the world! There is no stopping him.”

For Panameno, he says the program has helped him grow, including helping him learn how to speak and read in Spanish. 

“I struggle with Spanish and reading the many articles Achieve3000 provides has really helped,” he says. “They make learning fun.”

Although his favorite subjects in school are reading and math, Panameno says that his favorite type of material to read is history. 

“I normally don’t like history, but I’ve learned so much from reading the articles online,” he added. 

Panameno has also given himself another challenge to tackle – he wants to learn how to speak Spanish and French by November 2022, and he knows Achieve3000 will help him achieve that goal. He also credits his teacher, Grizelle Larriviel for being an encouraging presence at school. 

“She never gives up on us,” says Panameno. 

Next school year, Panameno will continue his education as a sixth grader at Travis Middle School and says he’s excited to dive more into sports and learn new things. 

While he hasn’t made a decision on where he’d like to attend college, he says he’d like to be a scientist to help find cures for diseases and illnesses.