The Immokalee Foundation

The Immokalee Foundation: Transforming Lives


The Challenge

The Foundation’s ultimate goal is to prepare students for lifelong success. Students come from situations where English may not be their first language, where just getting through high school is considered an achievement, and where a college degree and career are mere dreams. They’re in the business of helping make those dreams come true. With the support of mentors, donors, and volunteers, that’s exactly what they’re doing.

The Result

As part of their career preparation, students use Achieve3000 Literacy to boost their literacy skills. As mentioned earlier, many of the children come from homes where English is not the first language spoken. This makes it very difficult for them to perform well on the Florida Standards Assessments (FSA), Florida’s statewide tests for ELA and math, which are administered in English and influence the path that students take in their schooling. Achieve3000 Literacy has proven to be effective in helping Immokalee Foundation participants in grades 6-10 build their literacy skills and boost their FSA scores.

“I love Achieve3000! It’s pushing me to increase my literacy and comprehension. I think it’s actually more challenging than my normal middle school classes.”

Kelly Garcia, 8th Grade Student

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