New for Back to School 2022

It's All About Student Ownership


A Literacy Acceleration Solution for Grades 2-12

Achieve3000 Literacy will have a brand-new student home page, along with new tools, features, and content, all designed to support students in taking ownership of their learning.

Brand-New Student Homepage

The new student home page is a dynamic, personalized information center for all learners. It will include:

  • Dashboards for personal stats like performance and growth
  • New tabs to access the Career Center, messages, and notifications in one place
  • A customized feed of upcoming lessons
  • A message board from the teacher
  • A new, improved design for greater accessibility and ease of learning

A Dashboard View for Students

The new student dashboard puts the critical tools and resources students need right at their fingertips, empowering them to take charge of their own learning:

  • The new My Lessons dashboard gives each student an at-a-glance overview of how he or she is performing
  • The new My Scoreboard pane shows their Lexile tracker, awards, and achievements
  • The My Future pane helps students make the connection between their Lexile growth and future opportunities

Engage Students More Deeply with Lesson Ratings

For the 2022-2023 school year, students will be able to express how they feel about the lessons they're reading by rating them. This not only deepens student engagement; it allows us to review this data and use it to continually deliver the most interesting and engaging content.

More Controls and Personalization for Students

The updated student toolbar allows students to:

  • Annotate text anywhere on the lesson screen
  • Translate content into 105 languages, with 29 oral translation options
  • Easily access features across all devices

Content to Engage, Excite, and Inspire

The Content Team is working hard to deliver compelling content that will keep students engaged, including:

  • New short stories for high school students
  • Rhyming poetry for elementary and middle school students
  • A new collection that aligns Achieve3000 Literacy to the McGraw Hill Wonders 2023 curriculum for grades 3-6
  • New foundational literacy lessons provide added focus on key reading comprehension skills within Wonders 2023 and Achieve3000 Literacy
  • WordStudio Phase 3: Reading Comprehension to help build foundational literacy skills for secondary students

Upgraded Career Center Makes the Future Feel Tangible

The Career Center will now be featured on our home page. Plus, for the 2022-2023 school year we will be adding videos from real people who share what it’s like to actually be working in a specific career. All of these changes are designed to motivate students to pursue their own career goals.

Class Announcements Support All Implementation Models

Teachers can now support their students and promote better engagement by posting personalized messages at the top of the student home page.

When Students Own their Learning, It Never Has to Stop

Our offline learning functionality means your students can log in on any browser and continue learning even when they’re out of school. The browser version is also receiving upgrades to optimize for use on tablets and smartphones.

More Data for Teachers and Administrators

Teachers and leader will be able to see the impact of greater student engagement and involvement through an upgraded Data Center that will now offer: 

  • Report pages that are more informative and easier to navigate
  • Better insight into student performance on Activity questions
  • Key details about student Lexile placement and growth

A Flexible Curriculum Platform for Grades 3-12

Actively Learn will have more personalized support for students, more customization features for districts, new presentation and customization tools for teachers, and content designed to inspire and align with McGraw Hill's core curricula.

More Personalized Support for Students

When student performance data indicates a need, the Extra Help scaffold will be automatically activated.

New Present Mode for Teachers

Teachers can now share their screens and present anonymous versions of student submissions to generate powerful class discussions.

More Customization and Control for Teachers

Now, teachers will find it even easier to assign and customize lessons with:

  • The ability to change dates and settings for assignments for all classes in a single place
  • Improved navigation makes it easier to find assignments
  • A simpler process for editing questions
  • A more streamlined grading interface

New, More Customizable District Library

Now, administrators can have more input into what's happening in their schools and classrooms. Our District Library now allows them to provide point-of-use guidance on how teachers should implement lessons and related assignments.

Powerful Alignment with McGraw Hill’s Core Curriculum Solutions

The people who will benefit most from Achieve3000 joining McGraw Hill are our students. In fact, we’ve already added new, curated content for students in grades 6-8 that aligns with McGraw Hill’s U.S. History and Integrated Science curricula.

A Foundational Literacy Solution for Grades PreK-2

Smarty Ants will offer a number of great, new features, including new story printouts, graduation ceremonies for Smarty Ants Espanól, and a new dashboard for district administrators and site coordinators.

New Story Printouts

Smarty Ants and Smarty Ants Espanól story printouts have a fresh look! The reading panels are now larger, so words are easier for students to read and share with their peers and families. Students can also create a personalized cover page to create a booklet, and each one will include a Thought Question prompt to inspire and connect them to the stories they are building and reading.

Smarty Ants Espanól Graduations

Students in Smarty Ants Espanól will now see graduation ceremonies each time they complete a level in the program. We have also added Level Check and Pre-Level Check tests to each level to bring Smarty Ants Espanól more in line with the English Smarty Ants program. Students will be evaluated on their knowledge in current and subsequent levels, so they can always remain at their just-right level within the program!

Monitor Progress with Detailed Administrative Reports

Smarty Ants has a new dashboard that allows district administrators and site coordinators to monitor student performance and the health of their Smarty Ants implementation. Accessible from the Reports tab, this new dashboard provides information related to student usage, lesson progress, performance, and percent of students on target. The filters ensure that administrators can narrow or expand the data parameters to meet their specific needs. All data is exportable for easy integration into other, external reporting systems.

An adaptive math and science program for grades 3-12

ALEKS updates include a Course Placement Check for middle school and high school students, new administrator dashboard tiles displaying district- and school-level data, and an improved course customization flow.

Course Placement Check

Available for middle school and high school courses, the Course Placement Check recommends which ALEKS course students should start with for the best learning experience.

Administrator Dashboard Tiles

Four new reports allow administrators to monitor ALEKS usage across their district or school. Each report can be broken down by school, course product, master template, instructor, or class.

Improved Course Customization Flow

Administrators and instructors will now enjoy a more visual and intuitive experience when customizing class content or building modules in ALEKS.

Focus on Foundations Courses

Designed for middle school and high school students who are approaching level, these new courses prepare students to advance as quickly as possible into their on-level middle school or high school course.

Videos About Using ALEKS with Reveal Math

Instructors using ALEKS and Reveal Math can now watch three new videos explaining how ALEKS can complement their Reveal Math classroom and differentiate instruction.

A personalized learning solution for grades 3-12

Achieve3000 Math updates include weekly time tracking for students, the ability for administrators to log in as teachers, and a new alignment with Reveal Math.

Student Time Tracking

Students can now monitor the time they spend working in Achieve3000 Math each week and ensure they are on track to meet any goals or requirements set by their teacher.

Emulate Functionality for Administrators

Administrators can now use the Emulate option to log in as any teacher in their district or school. This allows them to see student data and assign problem sets or LevelSet assessments.

Alignment with Reveal Math 3-8

Teachers can assign problem sets that align with Reveal Math modules. They just select a Reveal Math book, and they’ll see a table of contents with Reveal Math Modules and corresponding Achieve3000 Math problem sets.

LevelSet Assessment Setup

With one click, teachers can now assign the three recommended LevelSet assessments. The dates are automatically set but can be modified by the teacher for added flexibility.

Automatic Hints

Open-ended questions now automatically display hints after students make two incorrect attempts at a step. This reduces student frustration and helps prevent them from getting stuck.