New for Back to School 2021

Accelerate Growth, Deepen Engagement,
and Address Unfinished Learning


Back to School 2021 is All About Positioning Students for Success

Check out our new video for a tour of all the exciting updates that we're building for 2021-22 to accelerate growth, deepen engagement, and address unfinished learning.

A Literacy Acceleration Solution for Grades 2-12

Achieve3000 Literacy will have a brand-new lesson design, rich content updates, more data to inform your decision-making, and powerful customization options.

Brand-New Lesson Interface


For Back to School 2021, the lesson interface has undergone a major redesign that offers greater accessibility to students at all levels and a more intuitive, more dynamic, more robust learning experience. Lessons will now offer more opportunities for learning at every stage, with new features such as:

  • Embedded videos
  • Expanded audio content
  • Opportunities for skills practice
  • Inspiring writing prompts
  • Social-emotional learning prompts

New Lesson Features and Routine Keep Students Engaged


  • New lesson progress bar keeps students focused on task at hand and keeps them moving efficiently through lesson steps (Ready, Read, Reflect, Respond, Write)
  • The new split-screen design offers a resizable reading pane so students can easily refer to content during each lesson step
  • Teachers will have greater control, including the ability to gate lesson steps.

A Growing Collection of Content!

Live + More Coming!

Some of the exciting updates include:

  • Creating Connections collections for U.S. and World History for grades 6-10 augment your core social studies curriculum
  • Ask the Scientist! series allows elementary students to get their science questions answered!
  • More original differentiated fiction, including writing contests!
  • More fresh, culturally relevant content daily means a rich platform for social-emotional learning
  • More authentic stories from the African and Haitian-Creole diaspora in the NABU channel
  • Content Crosswalks to help teachers build collections that include Actively Learn content

WordStudio: Foundational Literacy Collection for Secondary Students

Live + More Coming!

A brand-new collection of lessons designed to support secondary students who need to strengthen their foundational literacy skills.

  • Features a teacher-led instructional video that can be used independently or in small group instruction
  • Builds the essential phonics, decoding, and word recognition skills students need to improve their reading comprehension and fluency
  • Offers multiple opportunities for guided and independent practice followed by an engaging lesson to test skills
  • Extensive teacher support materials help guide teachers through instruction and assessment.
  • Ancillary materials offer students additional opportunities for exposure to skills taught in the lessons

For secondary teachers who are not familiar with teaching foundational reading, WordStudio offers a simple approach to phonics and word analysis instruction.

New! Rhyming Poetry

Coming Fall/Winter 2021!

Coming later in 2021, elementary and middle school students will have a new collection of rhyming poems to build key literacy skills. These easy-to-read, hard-to-forget poems are designed to get kids motivated and build phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, and expression.

Powerful Data Center

Coming Early September!

We’ve added important upgrades to our Data Center for teacher and administrators—ranging from new metrics, controls, and filters, to the ability to drill down into data and print any report.

NWEA MAP Partnership


Achieve3000 has joined forces with NWEA to develop a powerful integration that will allow educators to create MAP Informed Learning Paths. You can use MAP assessment data and Achieve3000 Literacy content to create a personalized learning path for each student.

A Flexible Curriculum Platform for Grades 3-12

Actively Learn will have complete curriculum units for ELA, science, and social studies; new culminating activities and assessments; new question types; and a design upgrade! Click the player on the left to watch a short video with more information about what's coming.

Complete Curriculum


Standards-aligned, sequenced assignments cover a full year of instructional content for science, social studies, and ELA for grades 3-12. And now Actively Learn will offer the same complete content for elementary school that we do for middle school and high school.

New Culminating Activities and Assessments

Live + More Coming!

To ensure that your students cover ELA speaking/listening/writing standards, NGSS performance expectations, and social studies historical thinking skills, we’re adding new culminating activities and assessments.

More Content

Live + More Coming!

Some of the great, new content we’re adding includes:

  • 120 texts to our Diverse Voices collection, so all students can identify with the content they read
  • New poetry and rhetoric units to deepen ELA learning for elementary students
  • More PhET simulations to science collections to drive inquiry-based learning

New Question Types


New question types like matching and drawing items embedded in lessons will offer a more interactive experience and allow students to demonstrate their understanding in more rigorous ways.

New Design


We’re updating the look and feel of the catalog and student reader to improve navigation and usability.

Add Google Slides to Actively Learn!


In addition to being able to import any Internet article, Google Doc, PDF, and video, teachers can now import Google Slides into Actively Learn to provide students with an engaging, interactive lesson experience.

A Mathematics Acceleration Solution for Grades K-12

Achieve3000 Math will have thousands of powerful, personalized videos to support students at point-of-use, even broader coverage of standards, more data and customization tools, and a partnership with Desmos.

New Videos for Truly Personalized Learning

Coming Early September!

Math instruction has never been more personalized. Thousands of clear, concise videos have been added in which real teachers walk students through the exact problem they’re trying to solve.

Auto-Assign Content Based on LevelSet


Students can now automatically receive content targeted to their individual needs based on their assessment results.

Richer Data and More Customization


You asked for more flexibility and control. We listened! Here’s some of what we’ve added:

  • Redesign of the Class Data page
  • Student data log of reset problems
  • Teachers can export data from any report
  • Teachers can create a Favorite List in the Content Catalog

New Partnership with Desmos


We’re partnering with Desmos to make math problems with graphs as easy and intuitive to understand as possible.

A Foundational Literacy Solution for Grades PreK-2

Smarty Ants will have a new end-of-year assessment, a new Data Center for teachers, and a new integration with Google Classroom!

New End of Year Assessment


To help you understand your students’ literacy growth, we’re introducing a personalized, end-of-year assessment similar to the one students take at the start of the school year.

New Data Center


We want teachers and administrators to have full access to the information they need, so we’re building a Data Center that will offer at-a-glance metrics and the ability to drill down for more information.

New Integration with Google Classroom

Coming Early September!

Smarty Ants will now work with Google Classroom!

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