Before the pandemic, many school districts were slow to adopt online learning, but as the coronavirus continues to disrupt conventional instructional methods, edtech solutions that deliver effective, engaging remote and hybrid learning have gained prominence. With these innovative technologies have come new challenges, as educators struggle to adjust to a new way of teaching, and administrators try to overcome a lack of interoperability across their tech-driven deployments while adjusting to the new reality of managing virtual campuses.

On the other side, there are still significant gaps when it comes to digital equity as a considerable number of students and teachers do not have access to the internet or internet-enabled devices, which prevents them from taking advantage of the benefits offered by remote and hybrid learning. Achieve3000 is addressing these challenges with a comprehensive suite of digital solutions designed to accelerate and deepen learning in literacy, math, science, social studies, and ELA.

Unlocking Potential and Accelerating Learning

What sets Achieve3000 apart is our personalized approach to learning. By differentiating instruction, providing flexible solutions, and measuring growth and performance in real time, we are able to adapt to the needs of individual students, as well as schools and districts, says Rob Bruno, Chief Technology Officer, Achieve3000.

Since its inception in 2000, the company has been striving to fulfill its mission of unlocking potential and accelerating learning for every student. Initially, Achieve3000s solutions were primarily used to bolster learning performance inside the classroom, but teachers quickly saw the value in using them outside the classroom as well. Today, Achieve3000 serves five million students and is helping schools across the U.S. and around the world successfully implement remote and hybrid learning programs.

A Comprehensive Suite of Digital Solutions

The companys core product is its patented Achieve3000 Literacy platform, a digital learning solution that adapts to the needs of individual students and offers personalized content to ensure significant improvement in their reading growth, often double or triple the expected gains. The platform allows teachers and administrators to monitor student progress with real-time insights, while helping them customize it to align with their district, school, or classroom requirements.

Our Achieve3000 Literacy platform was developed to drive digital equity among students and help them accelerate literacy growth, so they can succeed in the classroom and beyond, adds Bruno.

The company also offers Achieve3000 Math, a digital mathematics solution for grades K-12 thats designed to develop math fluency and accelerate students mastery of skills across grades, standards, and topics; Actively Learn, a digital science, social studies, and ELA curriculum platform for grades 3-12; and Smarty Ants, a multisensory foundational literacy platform for grades PreK-2 designed to turn young learners into independent readers.

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Robust Professional Learning Support

To support classroom and virtual instruction more broadly, Achieve3000 recently acquired Teachonomy, a best-in-class professional learning platform that allows educators, administrators, and thought leaders to connect, communicate, and collaborate as they develop and practice effective teaching methods. The Teachonomy portal offers teachers relevant, engaging, bite-sized e-learning courses, supplementary materials, and training pathways, enabling them to seamlessly navigate the education worlds new normal..

All of Achieve3000s solutions are backed by extensive research and analysis, which the companys dedicated onboarding team conveys to its clients before sharing information on existing student performance levels and other vital data. As this information is gathered, the Achieve3000 team works closely with teachers and administrators to create a personalized learning experience that is accessible to all their students.

We dont have a they need us attitude because we understand that working closely with our clients is the only way to deliver the kind of personalized learning experiences that are guaranteed to boost student performance, states Bruno.

Changing the World One Student at a Time

In the past two decades, Achieve3000 has authored several success stories. For example, the company helped the Ysleta Independent school district (YISD) in Texas reduce the number of English learners who were reading below grade level. As a result, YISD witnessed a 12 percent decrease in English learners whose Lexile measures fell below grade-level college and career readiness expectations. This year, the company has been helping some of the nations largest school districts deal with the challenges of shifting to remote and hybrid learning.

Moving forward, Achieve3000 plans to continue to provide its current customers with exceptional service, while continuing to develop new solutions to meet their ever-changing learning needs. The company also plans to expand its footprint into new education markets around the world. In keeping with its core mission of helping every student reach their full potential, the company is currently collaborating with leading CEOs in the education sectors of the U.S. and beyond to address the economic challenges many students and their families are facing.

We will continue to do everything we can to break down the barriers that prevent students from accessing high-quality educational resources with our growing suite of equitable, personalized, affordable solutions, concludes Bruno.

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