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Achieve3000® provides the only patented, cloud-based solutions that deliver daily differentiated instruction for nonfiction reading and writing that are precisely tailored to each student’s Lexile® reading level.

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English Language Arts

Build reading strength and stamina through close reading of rigorous informational text with targeted scaffolding

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Literacy in the Content Areas

Extend the reach of literacy strategies by developing them simultaneously with science and social studies knowledge

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Redefine intervention by boosting reading gains across all tiers of the Rtl model

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Open access to learning with a whole-class solution or targeted curriculum

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Blended Learning

Find out why blended learning leaders put Achieve3000 at the core of instruction

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Engage next generation learners with next generation science solutions

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Gifted and Talented

Enrich your curriculum through challenging, above grade-level texts and self-directed reading exploration

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Bring the power of online differentiated instruction to bilingual Spanish programs

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Start preparation for your state test today – and everyday – with Achieve3000

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Foundational Literacy

Put emergent readers on a personalized path to learning success by empowering them to play their way to mastery.

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Summer School

Prevent summer learning loss through a comprehensive summer program or independent practice

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Extend the school day with anytime, anywhere learning – with or without an Internet connection

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Adult Education

Spark career success by building literacy capacities for the workforce and developmental education programs

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Explore How Achieve3000 Works and Its Methodology

Our Methodology

Our patented differentiated instruction methodology accelerates student reading and writing.

LevelSet™ Assessment

Establishes a baseline Lexile level

Differentiated, Tailored Text

Matches individual student's Lexile level with grade-appropriate text

Ongoing Assessment

Measures ability to comprehend informational text

Adaptive Content

Steps up text complexity as reading improves

Accelerate literacy gains

The cycle repeats steps 2 to 4 to ensure continued literacy gains.

Accelerate literacy gains

The cycle repeats steps 2 to 4 to ensure continued literacy gains.

What Our Users Say

Real stories from the people that use our products everyday.

Dr. Karen Boran

Principal, Chicago Public Schools

I love how my students have become proactive at using KidBiz® to meet their academic goals. When working on research projects for science or social studies, they have used and cited various articles they searched for and found in the KidBiz program. This program is amazing and I have had excellent results with my students and their reading Lexiles.

Tonya Harper

5th Grade Teacher, Malden Elementary School, Kanawha County Schools

Our teachers appreciate the way Achieve3000 allows them to engage in whole-class discussions with their students and pull in cross-curricular learning opportunities. Students just love the articles and are motivated by the nonfiction, high-interest content. Achieve3000's approach to increasing literacy for all students is worth the investment.

Christina Gutierrez

Instructional Coach, T.C. Williams High School, Alexandria City Public Schools

My students love that Achieve3000 is self-directed. I have seen their reading skills improve, and they are more curious about the world because of the content of the articles. I think it's a fantastic program.

Dorothy Morris

Teacher, Heritage College Ready Academy High School, LA Alliance

KidBiz3000® has made an incredible difference in my daughter's reading comprehension abilities. When her teachers have asked me what we've been doing to improve, I've told them we've been working in KidBiz every night!

Wendy Webster Saelua

Parent, Bethune Elementary School, Broward County Schools

Achieve3000 is the only solution we’ve seen that can be integrated into Tier 3 student interventions, while providing an amazing nonfiction article bank that challenges our more advanced students in Tiers 1 and 2.

Isabel Mesa-Collins

Chief Academic Officer/Chief of Schools, O’Hare Elementary Network

We saw tremendous growth in our ELA CST results, along with our students’ Lexile reading scores. Our teachers love the program and use it extensively. Our kids actually love the program and look forward to it even though it is rigorous academic work.

David Linzey

Superintendent of Schools, Nuview Union School District

The results with Achieve3000 were outstanding!

Francisco Escobedo, Ed.D.

Superintendent, Chula Vista Elementary School District

Achieve3000 is an excellent product. It is the best computer-based program I have used in over 20 years.

Roger J. Gonzalez

Principal, Ed Von Tobel Middle School, Clark County School District

Kyle does not typically pick up books to read, so it was very fun to hear him read. I love the nonfiction aspect and often we see stories that interest him. I very much appreciate the impact Achieve3000 has had on his reading ability.

Natalie Lecher

Parent, Shoreline Middle School, Shoreline School District

As I learn to use your programs and tools, I feel as if I’ve stumbled upon a pot of gold!

Robert R. Lightfoot

Special Education, North Chicago Community High School, Illinois

Most of all, I love watching their reading Lexile® scores go up. You've aided me in doing my job. Thank you!

Susan Roach

Third-grade teacher, Monroe Elementary School, Norman, Oklahoma

As a 3rd-grade teacher, I love that you give my students expository text so they can learn about real-world events and are allowed to give their opinion. I listen to them get excited about articles and share with their classmates.

Michael Kimberlin

Third-grade teacher, Texas

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Proven Results

We have a proven track record of tripling reading gains.

Students using Achieve3000® with high quantity and quality of practice exceeded the expected Lexile growth for the sample by over 3X the expected growth.

Students using Achieve3000® with high quantity and quality of practice exceeded the expected Lexile growth for the sample by over 3X the expected growth.

0L 83L 165L 250L
AFTS of Expected Growth
AFTS of ≥75% and 2+ lessons/week (n = 113,273)
AFTS of ≥75% and 2+ lessons/week (n = 38,165)
Completed Multiple-Choice Activities Throughout the Year

Note: Average actual Lexile growth for Highest and High Quantity and Quality of practice groups combined
(N = 151,438 with 40+ activities and 75% AFTS) was 199L, greater than the expected growth of 71L, and that difference was statistically significant, t = 644.13, p < 0.001.

A higher percentage of students are on track for college and career readiness after using the Achieve3000 platform during the 2016-2017 school year.

0% 10% 20% 30%
2016-17 Pre-Test
2016-17 Post-Test

Students more than TRIPLED their expected literacy gains with Achieve3000!

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