Proven Results

To make a difference in students’ learning, educators need to know what’s working in the classroom and what’s not. At Achieve3000, we give teachers the confidence they need to move students along their academic journey with instructional solutions based on proven results.

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Efficacy Research

Several independent and rigorous studies have demonstrated the positive impact of Achieve3000 Literacy on students’ reading achievement. Evidence for ESSA gave Achieve3000 a rating of “strong” based on results from a third-party randomized controlled trial study (the gold standard for efficacy research), with a positive effect size of +0.29.

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Data Analysis

Our data analysis team conducts a comprehensive statistical analysis of the entire population of student data every year. The results are published in our annual National Lexile Study. We conduct this intensive research to ensure our core platform meets the promises of equity and acceleration, and to understand how usage and performance affect student growth.

Growth Beyond Expected, Year After Year

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Our annual National Lexile Study usually includes a sample of more than one million students in grades 2-12. Analyzing usage and performance each year has helped us develop clear targets for quantity and quality of use for students to ensure acceleration of Lexile gains. Our research shows that no matter their learning profiles students can reach up to 3.5X their expected Lexile gains — and sometimes more.

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