Since 2001, Achieve3000 has partnered with educators to power differentiated instruction through blended learning. Here's what we know: no district, school, classroom, teacher, or student is exactly alike. And because each site has different needs, goals, and challenges, our solutions and services are designed flexibly, with wide-ranging options for curriculum integration and customization.

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For Your District

Whatever your goals, Achieve3000 adapts the implementation design for your district so our solutions and services support your existing technical and curricular investments to bolster success as your district defines it. Throughout the year, you’ll gain timely insights to drive priorities in your district using your Achieve3000 Literacy Leadership Edition and our custom reports.

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School Integrations

We have experience working with every kind of school: large and small, rural and urban, those who have a device for every student, and those with limited technological resources. Our solutions cover every grade level and include supports for every type of student. Our content includes novels, textbook chapters, differentiated and standards-aligned articles, and curated courses for science, social studies, and English language arts. We also provide instructional frameworks, point-of-use teacher resources, and customizable professional development to support blended learning with the best instructional practices for literacy growth.

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Options for Any Classroom

Today’s classrooms might offer 1:1 computing, a handful of mobile devices, or only a single computer with projector. Our curriculum and implementation experts have seen every possible configuration, and they're ready to support your faculty to make all Achieve3000 solutions work best for them. Whether using our solutions in flipped classrooms, for station rotations or for whole class instruction, our flexible solutions can support your definition of classroom literacy success.

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Comprehensive Teacher Resources

Based on your site goals and teacher preferences, along with availability of technology, each educator can adapt lesson formats and procedures. Teachers can access detailed point-of-use supports for each lesson, as well as broad literacy strategy instructional resources and on-demand tutorials and videos in the Achieve3000 Literacy Teacher Edition. Inquiry-based reporting in the Teacher Edition helps teachers drill down and use instructional data effectively.

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Personalization for Students

Sixty-five percent of students using Achieve3000 Literacy log on outside of school hours. For students without a data connection, our apps allow students to preload their devices and complete their schoolwork anywhere and anytime. They can even share their learning with family members through parental access to our Achieve3000 Literacy Home Edition, which allows parents to monitor each student's growth.