To become the critical thinkers and problem solvers our rapidly evolving global economy requires, students need to know how to identify and comprehend information from a variety of texts. At Achieve3000, we support practices to deepen literacy instruction, both by providing frameworks for teacher-facilitated learning and by offering features that push students to synthesize and extend their learning through deeper thinking.



Actively Learn™

If we want to give students the skills and knowledge to engage in meaningful discourse, solve complex problems, and truly understand their world, we need to prioritize depth in the classroom. Actively Learn is a digital curricular platform that empowers teachers to strengthen how deeply students comprehend texts, offering instructional tools and a framework designed to activate, support, and reveal student thinking. A vast catalog of fiction and nonfiction texts—from classic literature to new trade fiction to textbooks—is enhanced to provide instructionally-rich interactive reading activities that push students to establish meaning, analyze texts, and apply their knowledge. Learn More About Actively Learn


Critical Thinking and Reflection

Achieve3000 has always delivered rigor. Our solutions offer multiple opportunities for students to examine text closely, synthesize information from multiple sources, compose thoughtful evidence-based responses, and be challenged by regular exposure to grade-level texts. Through Actively Learn, we now offer a curricular platform focused entirely on learning deeply through boundless content and strategic methods for activating, supporting, and revealing student thinking.



Developed in partnership with Dr. Doug Fisher, our close reading lessons, complete with suggested literal, structural, and inferential questions, support multiple readings of articles on high-interest science and social studies topics. Teachers facilitate students’ engagement in collaborative conversations as they take on grade-level text complexity.