Assess Reading Levels and Forecast SBAC Readiness

The challenges of our global economy are changing the types of text students read, the media in which they read them, and the skill level required to comprehend what they read. In order to be college and career ready, students must read all texts, especially nonfiction, at a proficiency level previously expected of students two or three grade levels higher. Achieve3000®’s LevelSet is the only online assessment that measures reading comprehension of nonfiction text in English and Spanish. Only LevelSet includes an assessment forecast reportand a college and career readiness report that forecast student preparedness and are automatically adjusted when Lexile® levels increase to guide instruction that aligns with students’ needs. Read more about how LevelSet helps predict student performance on high-stakes assessments in the technical paper Forecasting Student Performance.

*An assessment forecasting report is available for select states whose assessments report out in Lexiles.

A Universal Screener to Target Tiered Instruction

Any successful RtI solution incorporates a screener that provides a snapshot of all students and identifies those at risk. Achieve3000 is the only solution that offers a universal screener for reading comprehension of nonfiction text, a primary focus on the new assessments. LevelSet and Achieve3000’s college and career readiness reports are uniquely designed to identify students in need of intervention and automatically convey that information. With minimal effort and time, administrators and educators have immediate access to the data that provides clear information regarding placement for tiered instruction. Read more about using LevelSet as your universal screener with the technical paper College and Career Readiness: Are my students on track for College and Career Readiness?

Pinpoint Every Student’s Lexile Reading Level to Monitor Progress

Developed in collaboration with MetaMetrics®, the makers of the Lexile framework, LevelSet is the only assessment of its kind that measures a student’s ability to comprehend nonfiction text. LevelSet is available in both English and Spanish for grades 2-12 and adult learners with three alternate versions per grade.

LevelSet includes a pre-, interim, and post-test that can be administered in as little as 15 minutes per assessment to provide real-time reporting for timely intervention and progress-monitoring.

Reach More Students in English and Spanish

Available in Spanish and English, LevelSet supports your ELL, dual language, and bilingual students as they make progress toward college and career readiness in both languages. Students login just once to take LevelSet in English and Spanish at the beginning of the year. Educators have the option to administer LevelSet up to two times more through the year to check progress and adjust instruction for all students in both languages – all from one LevelSet teacher account!

Coming Soon: LevelSet Writing Assessment

    To succeed in college and career, students need strong writing skills—and to help them build those skills, educators need a reliable and valid measure of their students’ writing abilities. To support these needs, Achieve3000 is currently developing a first-of-its-kind assessment designed to measure student writing on the same Lexile scale as reading ability. When paired with LevelSet Reading, it will give educators the ability to measure reading and writing growth over time using the same developmental scale.

  • To develop this assessment, Achieve3000 has partnered with MetaMetrics®, developer of the Lexile® Framework for Writing.
  • An innovative, new online writing assessment will feature immediate, automatic scoring.
  • Educators can quickly and easily identify students’ precise writing levels and plan instruction to ensure that their writing meets the expectations for college and career success.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming months about LevelSet Writing!

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