State-Customized Learning

Differentiated, standards-based instruction is at the foundation of our flagship literacy solutions, PRO, BOOST, ACCESS, and ESPAÑOL, with customized editions for each and every state.

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Your Literacy Solution Customized for Wisconsin

All of Achieve3000’s flagship literacy solutions, PRO, BOOST, ACCESS, and ESPAÑOL are customized for every state. The Wisconsin edition includes iconic landscapes, customized curriculum, and authentic learning to increase assessment readiness. Forecasting reports let educators and leaders know who is and is not on track for reaching grade-level proficiency.


Wisconsin Students Realize Nearly 3.5X Their Expected Lexile Growth

Expected Growth

Expected growth is calculated based on a student’s current level of reading ability, as defined by our LevelSet assessment, and then estimated using a statistical model that determines the expected growth as a function of the elapsed time between the first and last administrations of LevelSet.

Actual Growth

Actual growth is the difference between a student’s actual Lexile measure at the start of the year and at the end of the year, as defined by our LevelSet and embedded assessments.

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