Webinar: Teacher Wellness: How Curriculum Can Support Teacher Confidence

Teacher Wellness: How Curriculum Can Support Teacher Confidence

Jan. 16, 2018 • Kevin Baird

In this engaging edWebinar, Kevin Baird will refocus the question of curriculum efficacy from one that looks only at student achievement to one that also considers the teacher’s sense of confidence and well-being as a classroom’s instructional leader. Instead of asking simply “How does this help students accelerate learning?”, Kevin will propose that decision-makers look at everyone affected by a curriculum implementation. Topics we will cover include:

  • Current research on the state of teacher wellness and the link to classroom outcomes
  • Highest impact areas for teacher enablement
  • Pragmatic and practical steps to increase support to teachers that translates directly into student learning

There will be time to get your questions answered during this live, interactive event. K-12 classroom and special education teachers, instructional leaders, professional development specialists as well as all building and district administrators are invited to attend. Join Kevin for this exploration of how teacher confidence creates higher student achievement!

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