Improving Student Achievement: One District's Successful Journey

December 15, 2015 4:30 PM ET J. Nelson

During his tenure as Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services at Chula Vista Elementary School District in California, Dr. John Nelson oversaw the district’s dramatic improvement in student learning outcomes. Most recently, on California’s 2015 high-stakes assessments, the CVESD not only outperformed the state average, but also outperformed schools with similar demographics across the state.

Achieve3000® is proud to host Dr. John Nelson, who recently retired from CVESD, for Improving Student Achievement: One District’s Successful Journey. During this engaging and interactive webinar, Dr. Nelson will discuss the three key elements that helped his district achieve amazing results on high-stakes assessments. Attendees will come away prepared to help their school or district accelerate learning and improve test performance for all students.



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