Achieving Summer Success

March 24, 2016 3:00 PM ET K. Baird


Summer is a great opportunity to maximize literacy gains for all learners – but most especially for below-level students in need of further literacy growth in order to meet grade-level expectations. For these at-risk learners, the right summer school program can help them build the reading, vocabulary, and writing skills they need to return to school better prepared for grade-appropriate work.

Achieve3000 is proud to host Kevin Baird, Chairman of the non-profit Center for College and Career Readiness, for a research-driven webinar that examines the best strategies for accelerating literacy gains through an effective summer school program. He’ll share how innovative approaches like blended learning can extend summer learning beyond the school day for even more time on task, resulting in even greater reading growth. During the interactive discussion, participants will learn about priority steps they can take today to ensure summer school success for all students.



Download ‘Achieving Summer Success’ webinar presentation.

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