Utah’s Custom Science Program

eScience3000® is the customizable core science curriculum designed to meet Utah’s unique needs – and the only online science program differentiated at five Lexile® reading levels to meet the unique needs of every learner in your classroom.

  • Core science program that supports mastery of the Utah Core Standards for Science
  • Evidence- and research-based program provides educators with effective strategies for differentiation, intervention, English learners and enrichment
  • Inquiry-based instruction develops useable knowledge across the science disciplines while seamlessly building content-area reading and writing skills
  • Engaging, hands-on activities and high-quality, high-interest digital content motivate students to develop 21st-century learning skills and prepare for STEM careers

By making science accessible and experiential for all learners, eScience3000 is designed to help all students meet Utah’s standards, national STEM objectives, and the Next Generation Science Standards – and move the United States from the middle to the top in science achievement.

A New Way to Teach and Learn Science

eScience3000 provides an integrated and student-centered approach to science that combines mastery of the major content topics (including Earth and Space Science, Life Science, Physical Science, and Technology) with instruction in disciplinary literacy and critical-thinking skills. As students work through eScience3000’s proven 5-step routine, they read and discuss texts to develop meaningful understandings of disciplinary core ideas; engage in hands-on activities and investigations that reflect today’s science and engineering practices; and reflect on crosscutting concepts and the nature of science as they analyze their results and write about their conclusions.

At the same time, summative and formative assessments continually measure student outcomes and help them practice for high-stakes assessments such as the SAGE. By providing experiential learning opportunities such as hands-on activities, videos and photos, eScience3000 also helps students develop a passion for science that can keep them motivated and moving forward on the path to college and career success.

One-on-One Science for Every Learner

Imagine if you could give every learner in your classroom a science program that was made just for them – that explained key concepts and core ideas in language they could understand, while helping them master disciplinary vocabulary and scientific practices. With eScience3000, you can.

  • LevelSet™, the world’s only universal screener for nonfiction, identifies each student’s ability to read and comprehend informational text
  • The online program delivers the same lesson to the entire class, but automatically tailors materials according to each learner’s reading level
  • Embedded supports, such as text-to-speech audio and annotation tools, help all students master the same core concepts and key vocabulary
  • All learners receive the same standards-aligned, grade-level instruction and can participate in the whole-class discussions and activities

Plus, with linguistic scaffolds for English learners and Spanish-language text for Spanish speakers, eScience3000 ensures every student has the opportunity to master middle school science.

Effective Tools for Every Educator

With eScience3000, educators enjoy a wealth of robust resources and targeted supports that help them deepen differentiation and help even more students become college- and career-ready.

  • Detailed, real-time reports help teachers and administrators monitor student progress and make data-driven decisions
  • Point-of-use instructional tools, comprehensive Lesson Guides and on-demand training resources support educators at every step
  • Customizable curriculum includes search and scheduling tools so teachers can modify units, sequence lessons and plan instruction
  • Interactive Teacher’s Edition makes it easy to review, respond to and grade student work

Achieve3000 also offers complete professional development plans that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your school or district and maximize the impact of your eScience3000 implementation. If you’re ready for your best year as a science educator, then you’re ready for eScience3000!

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