Leadership Edition: Actionable Data, Better Performance

The all-new Leadership Edition is an easy-to-read dashboard fueled by student and teacher data from your Achieve3000 literacy solutions. With Leadership Edition, district and school leaders have instant access to the tools needed for an effective action plan:

  • Reliable, actionable data updated every day
  • At-a-glance, visual dashboard so it’s easy to make critical comparisons and spot emerging trends
  • Powerful filters for drilling down from high-level data to get the exact degree of detail you need
  • Anytime, anywhere access from any computer or tablet device

Compare and Explore Performance

The Leadership Edition empowers leaders to:

  • Get the Big Picture. View data visually with Key Metrics cards that display the status for the current and previous time periods for areas such as Activity scores, time spent on Activities, Lexile® levels, Lexile gains, and more!
  • Dive Deeper with a Click. Use the on-demand filters and the Comparison Chart to generate customized charts by school, grade, teacher and class.
  • Visualize the Results. Use the Trends Chart to monitor changes over time and assess the amount of variation by day, week or month.
  • Access Data on the Go. Login from any computer or tablet.

All free with your Achieve3000 subscription!

21 Metrics

Designed to help administrators spot exceptions at a glance, the Leadership Edition’s 21 Key Metric cards focus on essential performance and usage data such as:

  • Activity score metrics
  • LevelSet™ and Lexile® measures
  • College and Career Readiness forecasts
  • Login metrics for students and teachers
  • Time spent metrics for students

For even more information, users can click on each Key Metric card for a quick explanation of how the data is calculated – and clear action steps for further accelerating student learning.

New for 2016!

School and district leaders will have even more ways to demonstrate and report impact in 2016, thanks to exciting new updates for Leadership Edition:

  • More data disaggregation options
  • Greater drill-down abilities for student data
  • Enhanced filtering (by program, student user type, or reporting group)
  • Expanded date range settings 

Because teachers also need instant access to essential data, Achieve3000 is launching a brand-new Teacher’s Edition featuring a new “Key Insights” panel that highlights class progress and performance metrics. 

Learn More about all that’s new for Back to School 2016!