From Beginner to Native Speaker: Deeply Differentiated Instruction

All Spanish-speaking students, whether they are just beginning to learn the language or speak Spanish as their first language, need to grow and strengthen their Spanish literacy skills while also meeting grade-level standards and college and career readiness benchmarks. With ESPAÑOL’s targeted differentiation, students can work toward both goals simultaneously!

ESPAÑOL delivers grade-appropriate nonfiction content differentiated to each student’s individual reading level, with 8 levels in Spanish, and builds transferable literacy skills with a custom strategic curriculum aligned to the Common Core State Standards and International’s grade-level science and social studies standards. In addition, SBAC Smart courses provide steady practice on test-taking skills and build proficiency with technology-enhanced items to help students succeed on the SBAC. 

Maximize Spanish Literacy in Any Blended Learning Model

ESPAÑOL is the blended literacy solution from Achieve3000 developed just for Spanish-speaking students and educators!

As a flexible, cloud-based solution, ESPAÑOL is designed to accelerate Spanish language and literacy gains in any blended learning model, including station rotations and flipped or bilingual classrooms, with:

  • 24/7 learning and anytime, anywhere, any-device access—online and offline—with Achieve3000’s mobile apps for iPad®, Android™, and Chrome™ 
  • The perfect balance of independent student work and teacher-led direct instruction
  • Point-of-use resources and on-demand blended professional development so educators can spend more time teaching and less time planning lessons and gathering resources
  • A free Home Edition with resources in 23 languages to make families active partners in the learning process

Assessments Built Just for Spanish-Speaking Students

ESPAÑOL features built-in summative and embedded formative assessments so educators can easily measure and monitor their students’ Spanish literacy growth and make data-driven decisions to accelerate success across the curriculum.

Students start ESPAÑOL by taking the built-in LevelSet™ pre-test, which quickly establishes their baseline Lexile® reading level in Spanish and helps to place them in the program. LevelSet interim tests and a post-test provide a summative measure of student growth for the semester or school year.

Throughout the school year, ESPAÑOL’s ongoing and embedded formative Lexile assessments continually monitor student progress so educators can be sure their Spanish-speaking students are experiencing accelerated growth. As students complete lessons, they take short assessments that are embedded right in the instructional routine that pinpoint skill gaps for reteaching or reinforcement without reducing instructional time and drive the adaptive content system to adjust text complexity and meet students’ evolving needs.

Data: The Key to Unlocking Success

In order to make effective, data-driven decisions, educators need timely and reliable data about students’ performance and usage. Fueled by ongoing and embedded assessments, ESPAÑOL provides teachers and administrators with instant access to the data they need to keep their students on track for success.

The ESPAÑOL Teacher Edition includes powerful, real-time reports that empower teachers to:

  • Track students’ Spanish literacy growth over time
  • Pinpoint essential reading comprehension and vocabulary skill gaps with the Skills Progression Report and adjust instruction with resources for additional practice on each skill
  • Ensure that students are meeting the Common Core State Standards and are on track for college and career readiness goals
  • Forecast students’ readiness for the SBAC 
  • Identify which students are on track for college and career readiness targets and which need extra support to achieve grade-level goals

For school and district leaders, ESPAÑOL includes free access to Achieve3000’s Leadership Edition. This data dashboard makes it easy to monitor the health of their implementation and demonstrate success on a daily basis with informative charts and graphs and 21 key metrics with clear action steps for maximizing results, as well as powerful filters for drilling down from high-level data to class-level details.

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