Response to Intervention with Proven Acceleration

Boost is the only intervention solution aligned to International’s grade-level standards that leverages a patented method of online differentiated instruction to accelerate literacy gains. Available for Grades 2-12!

Differentiated Intervention Designed for International

With the Boost International Edition, Tier II and Tier III intervention students as well as special education learners get the targeted and intensive instruction they need to meet grade-level goals without missing out on standards-aligned instruction. 

  • Grade-appropriate content is differentiated to each student’s individual reading level, with 12 levels in English and 7 in Spanish
  • Specially designed 8-Step Literacy Routine builds reading, vocabulary, comprehension, writing and discussion skills
  • Robust scaffolds and learning supports are integrated throughout every lesson to further differentiate instruction and meet individual student needs
  • Point-of-use teacher’s resources and on-demand professional learning are tailored for the instructional needs of intervention and special education programs
  • Strategic curriculum is aligned to International’s grade-level standards for language arts, science and social studies
  • Optional courses focus on foundational reading skills such as phonics and fluency 

Boost also features SBAC Challenge courses so even struggling readers can engage in regular, targeted practice for the SBAC and build proficiency with technology-enhanced items. 

Scaffolding and Supporting Intervention Instruction at Every Step

Boost’s 8-Step Literacy Routine builds on Achieve3000’s signature 5-Step Literacy Routine with three additional steps:

  • Vocabulary: Helps students build their bank of academic and cross-disciplinary vocabulary
  • Discussion: Encourages students to practice using new words during small-group and whole-class discussions
  • Writing: Guides students to create shared meaning around a topic as part of the peer review process

Boost further supports key literacy skills with learning scaffolds and instructional resources designed just for intervention:

  • Vocabulary: Graphic organizers, animated songs and videos, flashcards, picture dictionaries
  • Fluency: Reader’s Theater, quick fluency activities, monthly assessments, oral reading rubrics, system-generated reporting
  • Comprehension: Pre-reading activities, highlighting tool (for close reading), Reading Connections (for summarizing and generating questions), Setting the Purpose (for close reading and capturing evidence), Just for Me lessons (for developing reading strategies using science and social studies content)
  • Writing: Online writing practice, text-editing tools, sentence starters, paragraph frames, “include in your answer” prompts, rubrics to guide student writing
  • Academic Discussion: Sentence frames (agreement, disagreement, mixed-agreement), listening and speaking rubrics

To ensure Boost teachers can fully support the expanded literacy routine and students’ use of learning scaffolds, they receive targeted training and explicit instructional resources such as direct instruction lesson plans and skill progression instruction guides.

Ensuring More Time on Task with Blended Learning

One of the biggest challenges for intervention and special education students is getting the extra time on task they need to close the gap between where their reading level is and where it needs to be to meet the Common Core State Standards. Boost is a flexible blended learning solution that empowers students to learn anytime, anywhere and on any device:

  • Access lessons online or offline with Achieve3000’s mobile apps for iPad®, Android™ and Chrome™ 
  • Engage in any blended learning model – or Boost’s custom rotation model designed specifically for intervention classrooms
  • Balance independent student work with teacher-led direction in Boost’s Simple Rigor® framework
  • Involve families with the Home Edition, with helpful resources in 20 languages

For teachers, Boost’s on-demand resources and blended professional learning services reduce planning and resource-gathering times, so they have more time to focus on providing the targeted instruction required in Tier II and Tier III models. 

Assessments for Initial Placement and Ongoing Progress Monitoring

Students start Boost by taking the LevelSet pre-test, which quickly establishes their baseline Lexile® reading level in English or in Spanish and helps to place them in the appropriate tier of intervention or special education program. 

  • Only universal screener for the reading comprehension of nonfiction text in both English and Spanish
  • Interim and post-tests provide a summative measure of student growth for the semester or school year

Throughout the year, Boost’s embedded assessments continually monitor student progress so educators can be sure their intervention and special education students are experiencing accelerated growth.

  • The only formative Lexile assessment that’s embedded within the instructional routine 
  • Fuels adaptive content system, automatically adjusting text complexity to meet students’ evolving needs
  • Pinpoints skill gaps for reteaching or reinforcement without taking away from instructional time

Boost educators can even activate NWEA MAP® Informed Learning Paths to combine the power of Lexile levels and RIT scores to deliver even more targeted intervention instruction.

Actionable Data for More Effective Intervention

Boost provides all educators – from classroom teachers to district superintendents – with the critical data they need to ensure their intervention and special education programs are successful.

Fueled by real-time student data, the powerful reports in the Boost Teacher’s Edition empower teachers to track the progress of every student and take immediate action steps if an individual is struggling or falling behind.

  • Detailed Lexile reports with month-by-month measures of students’ reading ability for monitoring growth over time
  • Common Core State Standards report for tracking mastery of individual standards and assigning standards-aligned lessons to address skill gaps
  • Forecasting reports for identifying students who will be on track for college and career readiness at the time of the SBAC

Highly visual charts and graphs in the Leadership Edition provide school and district leaders with a clear overview of their Boost implementation:

  • 21 key metrics help administrators focus on the most impactful data – complete with clear action steps for maximizing results
  • Powerful filters for organizing data by district, school, teacher, or class – with helpful Comparison Charts and Trends Charts for visualizing patterns

Proven to Accelerate Intervention Gains

As the Leader in Differentiated Instruction® for more than 15 years, Achieve3000 is committed to opening a path to college and career literacy for all students. In fact, a nationwide study measured intervention students’ reading gains over the course of the 2014-2015 school year and found that:

  • With typical instruction, intervention students were expected to grow 79 Lexile points
  • Using Achieve3000 as little as twice per week, intervention students grew by 147 points – nearly double their expected gains! 

In addition, an independent, gold-standard randomized control trial found that:

  • Learning gains of students who used Achieve3000 were statistically significant and substantively important on the GMRT-4 Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension and Total Reading tests
  • Achieve3000 is significantly more effective at increasing student reading gains than standard English language arts programs
  • Effect sizes met the What Works Clearinghouse threshold of 0.25 in all areas

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