The Next Dimension in Response to Intervention

Boost reading gains with Achieve3000’s targeted and intensive intervention.

Assess and Differentiate to Diagnose Reading Gaps and Accelerate Learning for Your Most At-Risk Students

For targeted and intensive intervention, Achieve3000®’s family of Boost literacy solutions (KidBizBoost™ for grades 2-5, TeenBizBoost™ for grades 6-8, and EmpowerBoost™ for grades 9-12) accelerates the literacy gains of students who need additional supports and services. Boost’s suite of classroom-tested scaffolds for students and supports for teachers, combined with Achieve3000’s patented methodology and world-class technology, deliver a successful RtI implementation with results that you and your students can see after a few as four lessons. Plus, with Achieve3000’s focus on nonfiction science and social studies content, as well as academic vocabulary, intervention students do not miss out on essential grade-level, standards-aligned instruction while engaged in Tier II, Tier III, or Special Education instruction during targeted instruction in the general classroom or intensive intervention in a specialized classroom. 


LevelSet: A Universal Screener to Target Tiered Instruction

Any successful RtI solution incorporates a screener that provides a snapshot of all students and identifies those at risk. Achieve3000 is the only solution that offers a universal screener for reading comprehension of nonfiction text, a primary focus on the new assessments. LevelSet™ and Achieve3000’s College and Career Readiness reports are uniquely designed to identify students in need of intervention and automatically convey that information. With minimal effort and time, administrators and educators have immediate access to the data that provides clear information regarding placement for tiered instruction.


Achieve3000’s System of Monitoring and Accelerating

The beauty of RtI is its fluidity; students are not restricted to a particular tier of instruction, rather, they can move from one tier to the next, as their levels improve. Achieve3000’s patented technology is designed to monitor those levels and automatically adapt to them when the system detects that each student is ready for greater text complexity. At the same time, as students move through their 5-Step Literacy Routine, the system is gathering performance data, which teachers can use to identify skill deficits and to target for small-group instruction.

Flexibility and Pacing for Your RtI Model

Successful RtI implementations are dependent on effective rotation models, which allow for small-group, teacher-led instruction that focus on specific skills deficits. Achieve3000 RtI models – ranging from 45- and 60-minute rotations for Tier II instruction to the Achieve3000 Classroom for Tier III intensive intervention – are fully equipped to support instruction in reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary, fluency, and foundational skills. Achieve3000 works with you to determine how frequently students will receive specialized instruction and how long that instruction will be each day to create a customized, blended learning instructional model and pacing guide that works for you.

Actionable Data to Ensure Impact and Efficacy

Monitoring the health of your RtI implementation is critical for success. Achieve3000’s Leadership Edition is an easy-to-read dashboard fueled by the real-time student data from your Achieve3000 literacy solution that makes it easy to make critical comparisons and see emerging trends. Leaders can drill down from high-level data to get the exact level of detail they need. Even better, the dynamic dashboard is the perfect solution for the on-the-go educator since it can be viewed on any computer or tablet. With the Leadership Edition, district and school leaders have the right data to inform the right action plan, right now.

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