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Recent studies reveal a growing gap between the texts that students read in school and those they'll be required to read in college and the workforce. In response, states are stepping up, raising their standards and lifting the expectation for all students with the new Common Core State Standards for language arts literacy.

To help districts and schools adopt and succeed with these new standards, Achieve3000 has formed Common Core Educators Coalition (CCEC) together with leading educators nationwide. We invite you to join this vibrant, growing community and tap into a growing wealth of best practices for making Common Core the foundation for success.

Become a member of the CCEC and you'll be given the opportunity to:

  • Join webinars led by experts, such as Kevin Baird, co-author of the National Pathway for Common Core State Standards Implementation
  • Receive regular updates on the Common Core State Standards
  • Network with authorities on Common Core and College and Career Readiness, including our partners at MetaMetrics®, creators of the Lexile® Framework
  • Connect with educators who face challenges similar to yours

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Upcoming Webinars:

Achieve3000® Webinar Learning Series – presented by Kevin Baird

Preparing for the exams: Spring 2015

Achieve3000 is excited to offer educators the opportunity to target specific, high-impact priorities as they move classrooms forward towards the new exams of Spring 2015 and beyond. Hour-long sessions with follow-up tools and materials provide continuous learning and support for change. Participants who complete ten sessions may apply for Graduate Continuing Education Units with the Center for College & Career Readiness and University of Southern California Rossier School of Education—one of America’s leading preparation programs for educators and administrators.

Our first webinar in the series: Evidence of Learning Synthesis—How do we know that students really “mastered” the concept?

College & Career Readiness is defined at a new level—student performance at a level of synthesis and extended thinking. In this session, we look at concrete examples of student work and grading rubrics to support educators in evaluating learning synthesis.

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May Webinar: Forget the Standards—It’s all about Indicators of Rigor! How to make sense of College & Career Readiness Standards – ACT, Texas, Common Core, Cambridge... Worldwide!

College & Career Readiness in a global economy has led to a new definition of what students need to know and be able to do. Those “College & Career Readiness Standards” – whether Common Core or TEKS – have key indicators of Rigor. This session provides educators with essential, immediately usable strategies to make sense of and master College & Career Readiness Standards.

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