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A Platform for All Students

Achieve3000 provides the only state-customized, patented literacy platform for grades PreK-12 and adult education that reaches all students at their individual reading levels with grade-appropriate content in English and Spanish to accelerate student learning and improve high-stakes test performance.

How does the Achieve3000 platform guarantee success for every student in PreK-12?
What are some of the key initiatives that your platform is able to support?
What differentiated student solutions are available through your platform?
How does your platform support the MTSS initiative?
How does your platform provide equity of access to core instruction to all students in a single classroom?
How does your platform connect with the other platforms and programs I'm using?
How can you maximize my core ELA curriculum investments in your technology initiatives?
What funding sources can be utilized to purchase your research-based, proven platform?
What data solutions does your platform offer?

What's New with Achieve3000?

For 2019-2020 we are continuing to improve our platform to ensure even greater success for every student. Visit our What’s New microsite to learn more!

Differentiated Instruction

Achieve3000’s patented and proven solutions for grades PreK-12 and adult education reach all students at their individual Lexile® reading levels with grade-appropriate content differentiated at 12 levels in English and 8 in Spanish.

How do you differentiate instruction to reach all students at their individual reading levels in English and Spanish?
How do you ensure that students can reach grade-level goals and are exposed to grade-level text while still differentiating instruction for their individual reading levels?
If students are working at their individual Lexile levels, how can you guarantee that they are being prepared for college and career?
How does Achieve3000 align with my state standards and provide students access to my core ELA curriculum?
How do you address science, social studies and career education through your platform?
Can your curriculum be customized to meet my scope and sequence, as well as my textbook programs?
How do you use targeted and intensive instruction to help Tier II and Tier III students access core content?
How do you use built-in scaffolds to help English language learners access core content?
How does the platform support differentiated foundational literacy instruction for PreK-2?

Blended Learning

Achieve3000 offers a blended learning instructional model that provides the perfect balance of independent student work and teacher-led direct instruction to accelerate students’ reading abilities and improve literacy skills. Access is available anywhere, anytime and on any device – online and offline.

In which blended learning models does Achieve3000 work?
What resources are provided to support a variety of blended learning options?
How does your blended learning framework combine independent work and teacher instruction to boost literacy growth?
How do your lesson materials support independent and collaborative work, as well as whole- and small-group instruction, in rotation models?
How does your platform ensure that all students can engage in 24/7 learning, even if they don't have internet connectivity?
How do you support the home-school connection and ensure that families can support their children's literacy growth?
How do you use blended learning to ensure professional development for all stakeholders (teachers, parents, and school and district leaders)?
How can I use your blended professional learning services to help my content-area teachers provide literacy support for students?
How do your foundational literacy solutions support blended learning instruction in the early grades?

Ongoing and Embedded Assessment

Built-in summative and formative assessments identify student needs, automatically inform instruction and provide data to accelerate student growth toward college and career benchmarks, all without taking away from instructional time.

How does assessment work in your patented literacy solutions?
Which screener do you use to determine students’ Lexile reading levels?
How can I monitor and forecast a student’s readiness for college and career using the data from your assessments?
How is the data from your universal screener used to drive differentiation for students?
How do your embedded assessments drive acceleration of Lexile growth?
When looking at embedded assessment, which factors drive the greatest acceleration?
How can the data from the embedded assessments be used to inform next steps in instruction and further differentiate instruction?
How does the Achieve3000 platform help students prepare for success on our state assessment?
How does assessment work in your Smarty Ants® foundational literacy solution?

Actionable Data

Achieve3000 includes robust reports and key metrics for teachers and administrators to monitor the health of their implementation, leverage data to drive instruction, forecast performance on state assessments and enlist families in their students' success.

How do I ensure that my students are on track for success on our high-stakes state assessment?
How can I use my interim assessment data from NWEA™ MAP®?
How can my students track their Lexile growth in a meaningful way that motivates them to reach for even greater gains?
How can I ensure that students' families are informed about their children's progress?
How do you ensure that students have mastered foundational literacy skills and are ready for the transition to reading comprehension?

Proven Efficacy

Achieve3000 has a 17-year track record of accelerating literacy gains for all students. A 2016-2017 national study showed students using the program with high fidelity realized over 2.5X their expected Lexile growth in one school year!

What evidence do you have that your platform works?
How do I measure success to see if all of my students are benefiting from Achieve3000?
How do I accelerate students to make two or three years of gains in one year?
How can you help teachers maximize their effectiveness in the classroom?

Bridging the Gaps

The Achieve3000 platform focuses on content-area knowledge, academic and cross-disciplinary vocabulary, literacy skills and targeted test practice to bridge the gaps for students as they work to succeed across the curriculum and prepare for the rigor of high-stakes assessments.

How do you help students bridge content-area knowledge gaps as they develop their literacy skills?
How do you combine independent work and targeted instruction to build students’ vocabulary skills and increase their nonfiction text comprehension?
How can you help me group students based on their specific skill gaps and then differentiate instruction to meet the needs of each group?
How does your platform prepare my students for today's rigorous state and national assessments with both traditional and technology-enhanced items?

Professional Learning Services

Achieve3000 provides flexible on-site, online and on-demand professional learning services to support teachers and administrators using Achieve3000 solutions. As your partner, Achieve3000 will work with your school or district to create a custom plan that supports your unique academic needs.

How do your professional learning services offerings differ for a first-year Achieve3000 educator and someone who has been using the program for more than one year?
How can you help me provide professional development for my teachers even when I do not have access to PD days in my school or district?
What self-directed online PD opportunities do you have available to help extend my teachers' implementations of Achieve3000?

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